Chapter 448: The Incident of the Ye Family (2)

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Hearing the noise outside, Chang Yiyue frowned unhappily.

Ye Nanxi, who was originally watching the TV in frustration, immediately put down the pillow in her arms curiously when she heard the noise outside and quickly walked out.
Chang Yiyue didn’t stop her, but followed her slowly.

In the front yard.

Lu Zijia held the old lady easily with one hand and glanced at the guards and servants around her calmly.

“Tm ina hurry.
Sorry.” As soon as she spoke, she walked towards the Ye family’s villa.

‘When the guards and servants saw this, they quickly wanted to go forward to grab her, but Lu Zijia dodged and avoided them easily.

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‘The few guards and servants only saw a flash in front of their eyes and the person they wanted to stop was gone.
They immediately looked a bit frightened.

“Master? Why are you here at my home?”

Ye Nanxi, who ran out, couldn’t help looking shocked when she saw Lu Zijia in her yard.

Suddenly, something came to Ye Nanxi’s mind.
Her expression froze and she stuttered guiltily, “M-Master, your surname is Lu?”

At this moment, Ye Nanxi realized that she still didn’t know the master’s name.

Lu Zijia rolled her eyes at her speechlessly.
“Didn’t I say that I’ll come to you when I have results?”


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Ye Nanxi scratched her head in embarrassment.
“I didn’t expect you to be so efficient, Master…”

Lu Zijia was speechless.
She threw the old lady in her hand to her feet effortlessly and violently.
“She’s the one who got you into a posthumous marriage and cast the Beauty Spell on you.”

Ye Nanxi was startled by her fierce behavior.
After hearing what she said, she was shocked again.

Ye Nanxi stared at the gray-haired old lady in front of her with disbelief on her face.
Apparently, she had never thought that the person who harmed her would be a seemingly kind old lady.

After the old lady was thrown to the ground by Lu Zijia, she didn’t dare to get up and just sat on the ground while trembling.

“What happened?” Chang Yiyue, who arrived late, asked as soon as she walked out.

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However, when she walked to Ye Nanxi and saw the old lady sitting on the ground clearly, her pupils suddenly shrank tightly.

And yet, she was extremely good at pretending.
The changes in her eyes only lasted for an instant and even her expression didn’t change at all.

Perhaps hearing a familiar voice, the old lady suddenly looked up and stared at Chang Yiyue with her cloudy, old eyes.

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Chang Yiyue didn’t avoid her gaze at all and even looked at her like she was confused.
That was totally like the gaze when she looked at a stranger’s eyes.
“What’s going on? Why are a bunch of people standing in the yard?”

A solemn male voice suddenly came from the direction of the door.
Ye Nanxi and the others all looked over.


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Seeing her father come back, Ye Nanxi subconsciously looked at Lu Zijia with a slightly panicked look.

“What should I do? My dad doesn’t like Taoist Masters.
What if my dad kicks you out later?” Ye Nanxi moved to Lu Zijia’s side and said anxiously in a low voice.
Lu Zijia glanced at her cowardly look deeply.
“The mastermind is your stepmother.
You can choose if you want to expose her.

“Tstill have something to do.
Make a decision quickly.”

If it weren’t that she had to get Ye Nanxi’s permission to extract her Golden Light of Merit, she really wanted to leave her behind and leave.

“It’s really her?!”

Hearing this answer, Ye Nanxi showed a complicated look.

Even though she was already mentally prepared when she found the doll, she still couldn’t help feeling uncomfortable and sad in her mind after really confirming it..

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