Chapter 447: The Incident of the Ye Family (1)

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The Ye family.

Old Master Ye had two sons.
The two sons had always been at odds with each other in terms of personality and other aspects since they were young, so the second son moved out of the old mansion of the Ye family after getting married.
So, this house wasn’t the old mansion of the Ye family, but the home of Ye Fenglin, the second son of the Ye family.

Ye Fenglin was Ye Nanxi’s father.

“Young Lady, a lady called Miss Lu is here for you.”

A servant walked into the living room of the Ye family and said to Ye Nanxi, who was watching TV happily while hugging a pillow.

Ye Nanxi was engrossed in the TV when she heard that someone was looking for her.
She couldn’t help but be startled for a second before collecting herself.

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“Miss Lu? Who?”

Ye Nanxi scratched her head and tried hard to remember if any of the people she knew had the surname Lu.

“Young Lady, do you want me to bring her in?” Seeing that Ye Nanxi didn’t reply for a long time, the servant couldn’t help asking.

“Let who in? If she doesn’t know her, don’t let her in.
Otherwise, it’ll be like last time.
You let a fan in and almost scared the hell out of Nanxi.”

Before Ye Nanxi could speak, a gentle voice answered for her first.

A gentle-looking woman in a simple dress, who seemed to be in her thirties, came downstairs and said to the servant, “Go, send her away.
If she’s really Nanxi’s friend, she’ll definitely call beforehand.”
She was denying that this lady with the surname Lu wasn’t Ye Nanxis friend.

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In the past, when Ye Nanxi heard what her stepmother said, she would only think that her stepmother was doing this for her own good.

However, ever since she found the doll in the piano room, she had always felt that her stepmother was weird in her behavior and speech, which made her very uncomfortable.

“Alright, Madam.”

After hearing what Chang Yiyue said, the servant didn’t ask Ye Nanxi for her opinion again and left after responding.

Watching the servant leave quickly, Ye Nanxi slowly closed her slightly opened mouth and frowned unconsciously.

“What’s wrong, Nanxi? Are you in a bad mood?”

Chang Yiyue walked over and sat next to her, asking Ye Nanxi softly like a gentle and loving mother.

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Ye Nanxi repressed the discomfort in her heart and turned her gaze back to the TY, replying a bit gloomily.

Chang Yiyue touched her nose in amusement and said with a smile, “You are even pursing your lips tightly and you still said no.

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“Come, tell me, did you have a problem at work? Did the director scold you? Or are you not getting along with other artists?

“Tell me about it first.
When your Dad comes back, I’ll discuss with him and see how I can arrange it for you, alright?”

Hearing what she said, which was no different from before, Ye Nanxi didn’t have the desire to talk to her like she used to in the past.

“Auntie, I’m really fine.” Ye Nanxi leaned to the side, looking like she was watching TV attentively.

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Chang Yiyue didn’t doubt her abnormality.
She only thought that she was in a bad mood.

“Alright, it’s good that you’re fine.
If anything happens, remember to tell me or your father.
Don’t keep the grievances in your heart, alright? Otherwise, your father and I will be heartbroken.”
“Hm.” Ye Nanxi replied, looking like she didn’t want to talk anymore.

At this moment, a clamor of noises suddenly came from outside.

“Our Young Lady has said that she doesn’t know you.
Please leave immediately, or we’ll call the cops to deal with it!”

“Security, quick, see her out of here.”

“Seriously, didn’t I tell you that Young Lady doesn’t know her and you can’t let her in? What’s wrong with you?”

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