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Lu Zijia raised her eyebrows and directly exposed the identity of the “auntie” she mentioned.
“She’s your stepmother, right?”

“How did you know?”

Ye Nanxi looked at Lu Zijia in disbelief, as if she was looking at a monster.

However, she soon remembered Lu Zijia’s identity as a Taoist Master, so she immediately looked at Lu Zijia with admiration.

“Master, master, you’re really impressive.
You’ve never been to my house and you know I have a stepmother.

“Master, I’ve decided.
From now on, you’ll be the biggest idol of Ye Nanxi!”

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Ye Nanxi was so excited that her face turned red.
She looked like she couldn’t wait to pounce on Lu Zijia and give her a big hug.

Lu Zijia took a few steps back without a trace and kept some distance from her.
She said a bit speechlessly, “I don’t necessarily have to go to your house to know that you have a stepmother.”

Even ordinary people would know the basic situation of Ye Nanxi’s family if they asked someone to investigate.

So, this superstar in front of her was not only insensitive, but also a bit dumb.

“Ah, no matter what, master, you’re awesome.” Ye Nanxi looked like a brainless fan.

Lu Zijia couldn’t bear to look straight at this brainless fan in front of her, so she silently looked away.
“Apart from being in a posthumous marriage, someone also cast a Beauty Spell on you.

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“A person who has the Beauty Spell will make people who already have feelings for him or her crazier and even lose their minds.”

Just like the group of fans who went out of their ways to block the traffic before.

Of course, people had to be in a certain distance to be affected by the Beauty Spell and they would wake up after a certain distance.

“Beauty Spell?”

Ye Nanxi looked surprised.
“So, those fans of mine suddenly became so crazy these few days, not because my charisma increased, but because I was cast with some kind of a Beauty Spell?”

After discovering this big truth, Ye Nanxi suddenly became a bit frustrated and disappointed.

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She thought that she became more famous and also became more charismatic, but it turned out to be a misunderstanding.
Really… There was nothing more heartbreaking than this cruel truth.

Seeing her like a withered eggplant in an instant, Lu Zijia wanted to laugh a bit unkindly.

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“Ahem, the one who got you into the posthumous marriage and cast the Beauty Spell on you should be the same person.”

Lu Zijia pretended to cough twice and suppressed her smile.
“You can search among the people you suspect to see if they hid a doll.

“That doll is the key to casting the Beauty Spell.
It emits a slightly pungent and sweet smell.”

Ye Nanxi didn’t notice Lu Zijia’s strange behavior.
After hearing what Lu Zijia said, she changed her listless look and nodded seriously.
“Alright, I understand.
Thank you.”

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“Oh right, do you want to come to our house to take a look? Master, you might be able to see who did it at a glance?”

Ye Nanxi’s eyes glittered.
She totally treated Lu Zijia as an omnipotent god.

“I’m just an ordinary Taoist Master.
I don’t have the skills you talked about.” Lu Zijia rolled her eyes at her without hesitation.

Even if she could see something from a person’s face, she could only see the ups and downs of their life roughly.
Anything deeper would go against the Heavenly Dao.

Hearing that, Ye Nanxi couldn’t help feeling a bit disappointed.
“Alright, but it’s good that you’re not coming, master.
My Dad doesn’t really like these strange things.

“If my Dad knows that I brought a Taoist Master home, he’ll definitely scold me.”

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