Although she dealt with Old Weird Taoist completely, people of the Maoshan Sect would find out about her sooner or later.

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Even if there was no evidence proving that she disabled Old Weird Taoist, they would know that she must have something to do with it.

If they couldn’t do anything to her, they would definitely lay hands on the people around her.
The first person to be attacked would probably be her mother, Du Xiangjun.

So, she should give her mother more things to protect her.

“Huh? A wisp of the Golden Light of Merit?”

Ye Nanxi was a bit dumbfounded and her face was full of confusion and curiosity.
“Can you give something like the Golden Light of Merit to someone else? Also, why do you want the Golden Light of Merit?”

“You don’t need to know that.
You just need to answer me.
Do you want to make this deal with me or not?” Lu Zijia was devastated by her curious personality.

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Seeing that she wasn’t willing to answer, Ye Nanxi was a bit disappointed, but she still nodded.
“I’ll make this deal with you.
So, how can I break the posthumous marriage?

“What will happen to him after the posthumous marriage is broken? Will he disappear suddenly? Will it hurt him?”

Ye Nanxi said as she pointed at the boy opposite her and started acting like a curious baby unconsciously.

Lu Zijia’s forehead suddenly twitched.
This superstar was in danger herself, but she was still in the mood to care about a ghost.
This was really… enough!


After giving her one simple word, Lu Zijia turned to look at the boy.
“Do you remember your name? Why did you marry her?”

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The “her” Lu Zijia was referring to was certainly Ye Nanxi.

The boy glanced at Lu Zijia and then looked at Ye Nanxi seriously for a while.
He shook his head.
“I don’t know.”

Lu Zijia had a slight headache.
Should she give up the Golden Light of Merit and choose something else to protect her mother?

However, apart from providing protection, the Golden Light of Merit also increased a person’s luck.
It was much better than ordinary defensive stuff.

Since she couldn’t get anything from the boy, Lu Zijia immediately changed her target and said to Ye Nanxi, “Your posthumous marriage was only completed three days ago.

“Think about it, have you been injured three days ago or before? Did someone take away your blood?”

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When a living person and a spirit decided to get into a posthumous marriage, they would need the hair of the living person for engagement.
When they were about to officially enter the posthumous marriage, they would need the living person to drip his or her blood on the posthumous marriage certificate.

Once the posthumous marriage was completed, there would be a red line between the living and the dead, just like Ye Nanxi and the boy in front of her right now.

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If she wanted to get rid of the posthumous marriage, she had to get the permission of the ghost who was married to her and destroy the posthumous marriage certificate.

Hearing what Lu Zijia said, Ye Nanxi gradually looked solemn and started thinking seriously.

“I remember that I wanted to cook for Dad myself the day before yesterday.

“I accidentally cut my hand when I was cutting the vegetables.
My blood might have been taken away at that time.”

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Ye Nanxi said as she suddenly thought of something and her face turned a bit pale.

Noticing the changes in her, Lu Zijia asked, “Did you think of something? Tell me.
I need to know who did this to you so I can find that posthumous marriage certificate.”

She had only met Ye Nanxi once.
If she wanted to analyze and find the person who did this to her, she would definitely have to spend a lot of time to understand her family’s situation and so on.

Hearing what Lu Zijia said, Ye Nanxi didn’t dare to hide anything.
“I was at home that day.
The people who took my blood should be my family or the servants.

“Apart from a servant, the only person who was with me in the kitchen was… was my auntie.”

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