Chapter 397: Director Luo Baode Showed Up

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“Bang! Poof!”

The Deputy Director was no match for Lu Zijia and was knocked against the wall by Lu Zijia’s lightning attack, leaving a clear human-shaped mark on the dilapidated wall.

The power of the Deputy Director’s had already weakened.
The vital energy and blood in her chest surged.
Together with the remaining thunder spiritual power in her body, she finally couldn’t help spurting out blood.

She seemed to collapse instantly and lose the vitality of life.

Lu Zijia didn’t give up just because she had severely injured the Deputy Director.
Instead, under the Deputy Director’s stare that looked like a venomous snake, she went forward and disabled the Deputy Director’s sorcery ability without changing her expression.

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The moment her power was taken away again, the Deputy Director’s face became extremely distorted.
The skin that was hanging on her face after the fight finally couldn’t hold on any longer and fell down at this moment, revealing the extremely horrifying, mutilated face.

No, that couldn’t be called a face anymore.
No human face was more terrifying than that of a monster.

Noticing that the thick skin on her face that she had worked so hard to get dropped, the Deputy Director stared at Lu Zijia firmly, looking like she was going to cut her into pieces.

“Little b*tch, I’ve underestimated you, but don’t be too proud.
Even if you survive tonight, you may not survive tomorrow.
The people from the Special Administration Office won’t let you go.

“Hahaha, little b*tch, even if I die, I’ll drag you down with me.
I’ll wait for you in Hell, haha…”

The Deputy Director said with certainty that once she died, the people at the office would know that Lu Zijia killed her.

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Apparently, she had done something secretly.

Lu Zijia lowered her head and looked down at Taoist Xuening, who was laughing crazily and had weaker and weaker life energy, from above.
Her bright eyes were cold and the corners of her mouth curled up with a touch of ridicule.

“I’m sorry, I may have to disappoint you again, Deputy Director.
Right, Director…”

Lu Zijia said as she slowly turned around and looked at the door where a few people were standing right now.

Apart from the people brought by Mu Tianyan, there was also a middle-aged man in a floral shirt that didn’t seem to match his style.

This middle-aged man was the Director of the Special Administration Office of Capital, Luo Baode.

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When Luo Baode arrived, he happened to hear the conversation between the Deputy Director and Lu Zijia at the end.
Seeing Lu Zijia looking over while frowning tight, he walked over with a serious face.

Seeing that Taoist Xuening looked neither like a human nor a ghost, Luo Baode finally sighed heavily.
“You deserve to die.
The office won’t punish Lu Zijia.
Instead, we’ll reward her.”

Speaking of this, Luo Baode sighed heavily again and looked at Taoist Xuening with a complicated gaze.
“I thought you were just a bit stubborn.
I didn’t expect you to do such a crazy thing.

“Is it worth it to kill dozens of people just to maintain your appearance?

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“Is it worth it to lose decades of your life because of your looks?

“And now, since you don’t want to die, you use even more insane and foul means to prolong your life, going against God.
This is totally against your destiny and the responsibility of a Taoist Master.
You deserve to die.”

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After saying that, Luo Baode didn’t give Taoist Xuening a chance to argue and smear Lu Zijia at all.
He directly smacked the top of her head and sent her off himself.

Luo Baode immediately took out a jade gourd the size of three fingers from his body and forcefully sealed the soul of Taoist Xuening that had yet to escape inside.

When Luo Baode put away the jade gourd, he explained to Lu Zijia, “I’ll send her to Hell myself.
Don’t worry, her ghost won’t appear in the human world.”

In other words, Taoist Xuening wouldn’t come to take revenge on Lu Zijia, so Lu Zijia could rest assured.

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