Chapter 378: Negotiation with the Female Spirit (4)

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“Luckily, I finally met that person, but unfortunately, your daughter took that person away from me, making me fall into the dark again.

“Do you know that your daughter is really cruel? I don’t understand.
I don’t understand why your daughter is onto me? Is it because I’m easy to bully?”

In the end, Cheng Keqi’s voice suddenly became sharp and piercing, as if it was piercing through people’s eardrums.

However, Zhu Yunya wasn’t affected by her piercing voice, because she was completely in shock and disbelief at this moment.

Zhu Yunya had never thought that her daughter’s only achievement that made her proud actually belonged to someone else!

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At this moment, she could almost imagine how sad and painful Cheng Keqi was when her light was stolen from her.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry.
I’m really sorry.”

Zhu Yunya knew that it was useless to apologize, but apart from apologizing at this moment, she really didn’t know what else to say.

“I admit that Yingying did something wrong to you.
Yingying should be punished, but as her mother, I really can’t watch my daughter die.

“I’m begging you.
Just take pity on me and spare my daughter’s life.
I’ll give you my life.
I’ll give you my life to compensate.”

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After saying that, Zhu Yunya started to kowtow again.
With some banging sounds, the floor of the roof, which was only painted with a layer of grayish-black cement, was soon stained with a bit of bright red blood.

Zhu Yunya kowtowed more and more fiercely, as if she wanted to knock herself to death to compensate Cheng Keqi for her life.

Even though the roof was dark, the moon was very bright tonight, so it was easy to see the puddle of blood that was getting more and more obvious.

Looking at the puddle of blood, Cheng Keqi was startled and her heart softened for a second, but only for a second.

Suddenly, she reached her hand out and waved, knocking Zhu Yunya, who was still kowtowing, to the ground.

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“I said I don’t want your life.”

Cheng Keqi stared at Fang Yingying, who was lying on the ground motionlessly, with a cold gaze.
“You want me to pity you, but why couldn’t your daughter pity me?

“It doesn’t matter if she scratches me, beats me, kicks me, asks me to do her homework for her every day, or even takes that person away from me.

“But why? I just wanted my own results once.
I had already knelt down and begged her in front of the whole school.
Why couldn’t she pity me?

“My grandma was sick.
The doctor said she needed surgery.
I was afraid.
I was afraid that my grandma wouldn’t be able to come out again after she entered the operation room, so I wanted to give her a good result to make her happy.

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“But I couldn’t even make my grandma happy.
I’m really useless, really useless…”

After Cheng Keqi’s parents divorced, they didn’t care about her anymore and they didn’t even pay for her expenses.

The reason why Cheng Keqi could grow up and still study was completely because of her grandparents’ pension plan and the money they earned from selling paper boxes and containers from time to time.

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So, she was hoping to get into a good university, so that she could find a good job to support her grandparents after graduating from university and let them enjoy life.

However, this beautiful dream was shattered by Fang Yingying.

So, with just a wrong thought in passing, she took the most extreme path and ended her young life.

Zhu Yunya, who originally wanted to get up and continue to kowtow, suddenly felt like her head weighed a thousand pounds after listening to what Cheng Keqi said and she couldn’t kowtow anymore no matter what..

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