Chapter 375: Negotiation with the Female Spirit (1)

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Paranormal incidents were feudal superstitions in this world.
If she walked in through the main door, she would definitely be questioned by the guards.
If she said she was here to negotiate with a ghost, she would definitely be treated as a lunatic.

In order not to be treated as a lunatic and get caught in a mental hospital, she could only sneak into this school secretly.

When Lu Zijia came to a remote corner, she stopped and looked up at the two-meter tall wall, then scanned the surroundings with her deity-sense.

After making sure that it was safe, she quietly flew over the wall with the two of them in each of her hands, and entered the school.

After standing firmly on the ground for a while, Zhu Yunya seemed to be awakened from a fantasy.
Her eyes widened and her face was full of shock, looking like she saw a ghost.

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When Zhu Yunya was about to speak, Lu Zijia glanced at her gently, as if she was warning Zhu Yunya not to make a sound.

Zhu Yunya immediately suppressed the huge emotional swing in her mind and reflexively shut her mouth at the same time.

The place where Lu Zijia and the others were at right now was the school’s football field.
The large football field was completely dark at this moment, so silent that it made people feel chilly.

After confirming the location, Lu Zijia once again moved swiftly while holding Zhu Yunya and her daughter with her hands, disappearing without a trace in a blink of an eye.

Even if someone saw them on the way, they would only think that they were seeing things.

Zhu Yunya was afraid that she would disturb Lu Zijia.
When she was picked up again, she covered her mouth firmly to prevent herself from making any sound.

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Soon, Lu Zijia and the others appeared on the roof of a teaching building.

A year ago, Cheng Keqi jumped from the roof of this building and died.

The moment they reached the roof of the building, Fang Yingying, who had been immersed in her own world, suddenly had a huge change in her expression and her pupils shrank abruptly, as if she saw something terrifying.

Noticing that something was wrong with her daughter, Zhu Yunya didn’t care about being scared anymore.
She immediately held her daughter in her arms and comforted her.

“Yingying, don’t worry.
Master is here.
I’ll protect you too.
Don’t worry, Yingying.”

However, Fang Yingying got even more emotional as if she didn’t hear what she said.

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“I don’t want to come here.
I don’t want to come here.
I want to leave.
I want to leave!”

Fang Yingying, who had already become as skinny as a piece of firewood, somehow had the strength to push Zhu Yunya down as she turned around, trying to escape this place that she didn’t want to face.


Seeing her daughter rush to the edge of the roof in a panic, Zhu Yunya was instantly frightened.

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Lu Zijia cast a spell slowly, making Fang Yingying fall on the ground instantly.

“Yingying, Yingying!”

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Seeing her daughter fall on the ground without any warning, Zhu Yunya, who had just got up from the ground in panic, almost passed out from the shock that came one after another.

Lu Zijia looked away and ignored Zhu Yunya and her daughter, turning to look at another dark spot.

“I’ve brought her to you.
How do you want to deal with her?” Lu Zijia said as she put her hands behind her back.

After confirming that her daughter only lost her strength and that nothing else happened to her, Zhu Yunya, who had just heaved a sigh of relief, had her heart in her throat again when she heard what Lu Zijia said.

She even held her daughter tightly with her hands subconsciously and looked in the direction where Lu Zijia was looking with a frightened gaze, but she didn’t see anything.

The chilly night breeze blew gently and a ghost slowly appeared at the edge of the roof.

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