Chapter 360: What Happened While She Was in Seclusion

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First of all, there was the situation between the Song family and the Ye family.
After dealing with Old Weird Taoist and his disciple secretly, Song Zixuan went back and told his family the truth.

Like Song Zixuan, the members of the Song family didn’t hate Mu Tianyan’s father.
Instead, they thought that Mu Liren was too evil.

At the same time, they were completely disappointed with Song Zhuolan, their daughter (sister), who disregarded family affection and was selfish and greedy enough to kill her own mother.

They had already figured out everything from the beginning to the end.
The Song family certainly wouldn’t pretend like nothing happened, so they had already confronted the Ye family quite a few times in two weeks.

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Since the Song family had Mu Tianyan’s support, the Ye family always lost and suffered losses.
The Ye family could be said to be bogged down by the Song family right now.

And then there was the Mu family.
Before she went into seclusion, she saw that Mu Ruishu was going to suffer a disaster.
In fact, this disaster really happened and it came from Mu Tianyan’s uncle and his family.

According to what Mu Yunhao said, Mu Liren must have known that the truth was exposed, so he wanted to use the kid to threaten Mu Tianyan so that Mu Tianyan wouldn’t act rashly.

Luckily, the people who were protecting the kid were prepared, so Mu Liren didn’t succeed.

However, this disaster still gave the kid a slight shock.
Luckily, the kid was strong and he continued to go to school after resting at home for a week.

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Mu Tianyan was already planning to give his uncle, Mu Liren, a “big present,” but after what happened to the kid, he directly sent this big present to him openly and also gave him a lot of “small gifts.”

This made Mu Liren gnash his teeth in anger, but he couldn’t do anything about it.
He was so enraged that he almost spurted out blood.

Then, it was the matter between her mother and the Lu family.

She must say that a strong woman was very scary and even admirable!

The divorce between Du Xiangjun and Lu Bochuan was coming to an end.
Lu Bochuan was very likely to be found guilty of bigamy, and he would be giving three quarters of his properties to Du Xiangjun.

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Lu Bochuan certainly couldn’t accept it, so he often harassed and scolded Du Xiangjun during the lawsuit.
Du Xiangjun, on the other hand, acted very straightforwardly and efficiently.
She directly applied for a restraining order from the court.

She forbade Lu Bochuan from showing up at her home and from getting too close to her.

What Du Xiangjun did undoubtedly embarrassed Lu Bochuan, who cared a lot about his dignity!

Apart from this divorce that stirred the entire capital city, another thing that happened in the Lu family also attracted the attention of many reporters.

A reporter took a picture of Lu Wanyuan’s haggard look.
Not only was her face pale, she also had severe dark eye circles and seemed to be in a bad shape.

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So, the reporter who took this photo reported that Lu Wanyuan looked like she was using both overtly and covertly.
This made the Lu family, which already had the attention of the public, receive more attention instantly.

Perhaps the whole family would be dragged in after one of them suffered.
After the unbearable report about Lu Wanyuan came out, the other members of the Lu family were also secretly photographed one after another and they all looked like they were in a bad shape.

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Besides, the reporters also found out that the Lu family had invited many doctors to their home in just two weeks, but none of the members looked any better.

So, after news about Lu Wanyuan using, it became that the entire Lu family was using and that they were very addicted, even to the point that their lives were threatened.

After negative news reports were released one after another, the Lu family was already in complete chaos right now..
Even the Lu Group was in a precarious position.

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