His uncle was so annoying.
He only wanted to help his uncle patch things up with his auntie, but his uncle said that about him.
Hm! He decided not to help his bad uncle now!

Thinking of this, Mu Ruishu snorted arrogantly again and continued eating the noodles.

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The next day.

Before Lu Zijia went downstairs, she sensed that there were many more people in the villa and a touch of confusion flashed through her eyes.

When she went downstairs and saw those extra auras, which belonged to Mu Yunhao and the ten secret guards, Lu Zijia realized that they were here because she was about to force the poison out of Mu Tianyan.

Right, forcing the poison out was something about Mu Tianyan’s life.
Nothing could go wrong, so it was certainly better to have someone guarding here.

“Madame, everything is ready.
Please take care of Second Master.”

Seeing Lu Zijia come down, Mu Yunhao immediately got up and said to her respectfully, bowing to her seriously and sincerely.

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The ten guards behind Mu Yunhao also followed him and bowed to Lu Zijia with extreme sincerity and gratitude.

Lu Zijia could understand how they felt.
She smiled and said, “Don’t worry.
As long as your Second Master can hold on, I guarantee that he’ll be able to recover to his peak very soon.”

With Lu Zijia’s promise, Mu Yunhao couldn’t hide the excitement and joy on his face.
“Thank you, Madame.”

“Have breakfast first.”

Mu Tianyan came out of the kitchen in a wheelchair with a bowl of shredded chicken noodles in his hand and he said to Lu Zijia gently.

Smelling the fragrance in the bowl, Lu Zijia’s eyes immediately brightened and she walked over quickly.
“Is this for me?”

“Yes, Madam.
Try it.”

Seeing her gluttonous look with her brightened eyes, the corners of Mu Tianyan’s mouth curled up slightly..
He put the fragrant chicken noodles on the dining table and asked her to sit down to eat.

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