Chapter 352: You Deserve to be Unlucky!

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“The Yin Yang Tablet made of Yin Wood and Yang Wood can stop evil spirits and ghosts from approaching you, and can also be used as a Protection Talisman.
It can block a few disasters.”

After explaining, Lu Zijia threw the Yin Yang Tablet in her hand to Song Zixuan.
“If you’re curious, you can have a look at it first.”

However, Song Zixuan wasn’t as happy as Lu Zijia thought when he saw the Yin Yang Tablet that was thrown over.
Instead, he dodged to the side with shock on his face.


The Yin Yang Tablet fell straight to the ground and made a loud noise.

Lu Zijia: “…”

What was wrong with this unlucky man? He was still curious about the Yin Yang Tablet just then, but now, he looked like he was afraid of being touched by something filthy.
What was wrong with him?

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Song Zixuan, who successfully dodged the Yin Yang Tablet, patted his chest in an exaggerated way, looking like he just survived a disaster.

“Luckily, this spirit tablet didn’t touch me.
Otherwise, I would definitely have nightmares tonight!”

In Song Zixuan’s opinion, if there was extra support under this Yin Yang Tablet, it would definitely be an ancient spirit tablet.
So, even if Lu Zijia said that the function of this Yin Yang tablet was good, he wasn’t tempted at all.

Instead, he felt a chill down his spine and only wanted to stay far away from it.

Even though Song Zixuan was mumbling to himself, everyone here had good hearing, so they certainly heard what he was saying to himself.
They couldn’t help feeling speechless instantly.

Spirit tablet… How could Song Zixuan think of that? No one else had such imagination!

“So, you don’t want this ‘spirit tablet’ anymore, do you?” Lu Zijia stared at Song Zixuan with a deep gaze and said.

Not only was this guy unlucky, but he was also a coward with bad taste.

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It was something that countless people couldn’t get even if they wanted to, but this guy despised it so much.
He really… deserved to be unlucky!

Hearing Lu Zijia’s question, Song Zixuan immediately shivered and waved his hands constantly, as if he was afraid that the Yin Yang Tablet would become his if he was a bit slower.

“No, no, I don’t want to have a nightmare at all.
Besides, this chilling thing belongs to that old man, so I won’t take it.

“If you’re not afraid of having nightmares, take it quickly.
I really don’t want to see it again.” Every time he looked at it, he was very frightened.

Seeing his terrified look, the corners of Lu Zijia’s mouth couldn’t help twitching.

“So, you don’t want this myrtle sword either?”

“No, no, I don’t want anything.
When you split such a kind of spoil again in the future, remember not to count me in.”

Song Zixuan maintained a cowardly posture as he spoke.

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Lu Zijia’s forehead twitched and she had the urge to knock Song Zixuan, this fool, out.

What did he mean by splitting this kind of spoil? Did she rob someone? She was collecting her trophies openly, alright?

“Don’t worry, you’ll definitely not get anything from now on!” And I won’t even give you a single chicken feather!

Lu Zijia gritted her teeth and thought hatefully in her mind.

So, Mu Tianyan took the remaining two trophies with Mu Yunhao’s help.

Seeing Mu Yunhao take the “spirit tablet” without changing his expression, Song Zixuan gave him a thumbs-up silently to express his admiration.

Mu Yunhao: “…” He suddenly had the thought of putting the Yin Yang Tablet in his hands into Song Zixuan’s arms.

But when he thought that Song Zixuan might be “scared to death” because of this, he could only forget about this idea.

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Song Zixuan, who didn’t know that he escaped a disaster, showed an exaggerated smile of relief.

In a grand, luxurious villa area in the capital city.

“How’s it going?”

In the study, Mu Liren stood in front of the ceiling-to-floor window with his hands behind his back and asked his son who just came in behind him.

Mu Jinfeng looked quite handsome.
Unfortunately, the dark green color under his eyes ruined his handsome face.
People would know at first glance that his body was obviously overly hollowed out.

And at this moment, he even looked a bit ferocious and scary because of his sullen face.

“Those people have already left that villa, but I still haven’t seen Old Weird Taoist and his disciple come out..” Mu Jinfeng gritted his teeth fiercely and replied.

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