Chapter 347: Second Master, Our Minds Are in Sync

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Mu Tianyan looked up and glanced at him calmly, which made Song Zixuan’s hair stand on end.

He didn’t know if it was an illusion, but he always felt that Mu Tianyan had marked him down…

“Who hired you to attack the Song family 20 years ago?”

Mu Tianyan ignored Song Zixuan and turned to Old Weird Taoist, repeating what he said just then coldly.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

Old Weird Taoist denied it without changing his expression, but he was shocked.

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He immediately glanced at Master Li without a trace and a hint of viciousness flashed through his eyes.

After that, Old Weird Taoist said again, “We’re all people on the same side.
We didn’t interfere with each other in the past.
Aren’t you afraid of causing a grudge between sects when you do this now?”

Whether it was a sorcery sect or a Martial Arts sect, most of them didn’t dare to go too far, even if they held personal grievances, because they didn’t want to cause a fight between sects and become the sinners of their sects.

There were even fewer people who would create grudges of life and death.

Because of this, Old Weird Taoist wasn’t worried about his life even though he was now a prisoner.
He thought that Lu Zijia and the others definitely wouldn’t dare to kill him.

“I don’t belong to any sect.
Why should I be afraid of any fight between sects?”

Mu Tianyan sneered with the corners of his mouth curled up and his deep eyes became even colder.
“Let me ask you again, who ordered you to do this 20 years ago?”

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As soon as Mu Tianyan finished talking, he pointed the long sword in his hand at Old Weird Taoist’s right foot.
Apparently, if he refused to say anything, his foot would be crippled next.

Old Weird Taoist, who had been threatened like this for the first time in decades, immediately turned pale.
“How dare you!”

Mu Tianyan sneered even more.
“Why not?”

Under the vicious gaze of Old Weird Taoist, Mu Tianyan controlled the long sword in his hand and slashed the tendon of Old Weird Taoist’s right foot without changing his expression.


Old Weird Taoist was also a tough man.
Even though the tendons of his feet were cut and the pain went deep into his bones, he gritted his teeth and stopped himself from screaming.

“Do you really want to become enemies with the Maoshan Sect?”

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Old Weird Taoist didn’t care about his crippled right leg at all and he still didn’t show any intention of compromising.

Mu Tianyan stopped talking.
He directly waved the long sword in his hand and crippled his other foot.

When Mu Tianyan was about to cripple the hands of Old Weird Taoist he paused for a second.
Seeing that Old Weird Taoist still had no intention of talking, he showed no mercy and broke the tendons of both of his hands.

Lu Zijia was originally still thinking about how she could take away Old Weird Taoist’s power and search his soul while ensuring her own safety.
Unexpectedly, Mu Tianyan solved this problem for her.

Old Weird Taoist was still so calm after his limbs were crippled.
He must have a way to heal.

However, he missed one thing, which was that she had always been thinking of taking away his power.

If his power was taken away, there was nothing he could do, even if he had a way to heal his limbs.

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Having solved the problem, Lu Zijia was in a pretty good mood.
She blurted out, “Second Master, our minds are really in sync.”

Lu Zijia didn’t realize that what she said was a bit provocative…


Mu Tianyan replied calmly, of course, if one ignored the slightly raised corners of his mouth.

Lu Zijia walked towards Old Weird Taoist and smacked the top of his head fiercely with her hand that was gathering spiritual power.


Seeing that Lu Zijia intended to take away his power, Old Weird Taoist was immediately enraged and he dodged reflexively, trying to fight back.

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