Chapter 342: Song Zixuan Who Stewed in His Own Juice (2)

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The corners of Mu Yunhao’s mouth twitched.
“Master Song, this is your villa.”

In other words, this is your territory.
How would we know where the funnel is? We don’t even know if there’s a funnel here.

Besides, Master Song, don’t you feel that the person you want to pour foot-washing water on is staring at you with a creepy gaze right now?

“Then, open his mouth for me.
I’ll pour it directly in just like this!” Song Zixuan said with a strong momentum.

Unfortunately, no one moved…

Song Zixuan, who deeply felt that he was being excluded, looked at Lu Zijia with a resentful gaze.
“These people you sent are all like arrogant masters.
They’re even more arrogant than I am.”

Lu Zijia blinked and then nodded seriously.
“Right, they can crush you with one hand.
If they’re not masters, what are they?”

Song Zixuan, who suddenly thought it made sense: “…”

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“Alright, stop fooling around.
You should take away your foot-washing water.
It really stinks.”

Seeing his heartbroken look, Lu Zijia comforted him kindly.

However, what she said instantly gave Song Zixuan a huge blow.

It turned out the way of extorting a confession that he thought was a good idea was just a joke in Lu Zijia’s eyes!

Song Zixuan, who felt like he was being looked down on, decided to go all out.
He exerted himself and tried to pour the water in the basin on the old man sitting on the ground.



He did pour the water he used to wash his feet.
And yet, the moment Song Zixuan was about to do so, the basin in his hand suddenly turned around and poured all the water on him.

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Song Zixuan, who couldn’t react to this situation, looked down at his wet lower body dumbfoundedly.

Mu Yunhao and the others, who witnessed Song Zixuan stew in his own juice with their own eyes, couldn’t bear to look at him and they silently looked away.

And as a friend, Lu Zijia shrugged her shoulders very unkindly.

She had already asked him to stop fooling around, but this unlucky man still wanted to dig his own grave.
He was really… looking for being tortured!

As for Mu Tianyan, he only glanced at Song Zixuan’s dumb look indifferently and looked away.

His wife would definitely not like such a dumb person.

“Damn it!”

Song Zixuan, who finally reacted after a long time, immediately couldn’t help complaining with a wail.

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“What happened? I…”

Song Zixuan suddenly thought of something while he spoke.
He immediately looked up and glared at the old man.
“You did this!”

The old man’s face sank and he stared at Song Zixuan like he was looking at a dead person.

Seeing the old man’s expression and reaction, Song Zixuan realized that this person was the one behind his “mistake” just then.

At the same time, he also realized why Mu Yunhao and the others only interrogated him verbally before, instead of beating him up and interrogating him like they did to Master Li.

So, this was the reason!

Smelling the stinky feet smell on his body, Song Zixuan suddenly had a feeling that life was hopeless…

“Ahem, do you want to change your clothes first?”

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Lu Zijia pretended to cough twice and said to Song Zixuan while suppressing her smile forcefully.

Seeing her obviously smiling eyes, Song Zixuan only felt his heart ache.
At the same time, the thought of overturning the boat of friendship arose in his mind again.


“Bring Master Li here.” After Song Zixuan went upstairs to change, Lu Zijia said to Mu Yunhao.

Lu Zijia said as she felt a cold gaze, like that of a venomous snake, land on her.

The corners of Lu Zijia’s mouth curled up slightly and she met the old man’s gaze without fear.

“Ignorant kid, do you know who I am?”

The old man said the first thing he said after being taken down.
However, it wasn’t a plea for mercy, but an arrogant rebuke..

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