broken stones.

As for why they were here, the Director, Luo Baode, thought, “Horses lose their hooves and people lose their feet sometimes.”Everyone makes mistakes, just as horses can stumble.”

Simply put, he was being tricked…

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Seeing Luo Meinde look as disgusted as he could be, Lu Zijia didn’t mind at all and said with a smile, “Director, can I choose these two stones?”

These two stones looked no different from ordinary ones, but they were actually Twin Stones that contained spiritual energy.
They were second only to spirit stones.

However, if she wanted to absorb the spiritual energy in the Twin Stones, she had to merge the two stones together to be able to absorb it.
Therefore, the Twin Stones weren’t very popular in the cultivation world.

But for Lu Zijia, they were already rare cultivation resources right now.

“Are you sure you want to choose these two broken stones?”

Luo Baode, who thought he was hallucinating, widened his eyes and stared at Lu Zijia for confirmation.

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“Yes, Director.
Is that alright?” Lu Zijia nodded and insisted.

Seeing that Lu Zijia didn’t seem to be joking, Luo Baode immediately looked at her a bit weirdly.

Lu Zijia felt speechless in her mind, being looked at by Luo Baode like a fool.

This kind of feeling when the whole world treated something nice as trash while she treated them as treasures was truly… frustrating!

In the end, Lu Zijia still got the Twin Stones successfully.
She looked like she was the same on the outside, but she felt delighted in her mind.

After the two of them left the secret chamber, Luo Baode looked at Lu Zijia’s back and kept shaking his head, thinking that this girl truly had no taste and didn’t know what the good stuff was.

There were so many good things inside, but she chose two broken stones.
She really couldn’t be taught!

After feeling exasperated with Lu Zijia for failing to live up his expectations, Luo Baode thought about the Deputy Director instead..
He frowned unconsciously and his expression also became serious.

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