Chapter 332: Ye Nambo’s Embarrassment (1)

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Ye Nambo, who was about to speak, looked at her with a probing gaze after hearing that.
Apparently, he didn’t expect her to ask this question.


Ye, I’m not so close to you.
I think you should call me Miss Lu, or it’ll be difficult for you to explain when your fiancée finds out again.”

Lu Zijia turned around and glanced at him with a faint smile, emphasizing the word “again.”

In the past, when Ye Nambo called the original host “Jiajia,” Lu Wanyuan happened to hear it once and even made a fuss because of it, causing the original host to be judged by people for a while.

And at that time, Ye Nambo didn’t say anything for the original host, not even a word.

As expected, after being “reminded” by Lu Zijia, Ye Nambo’s expression changed for a second.

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Ye Nambo blurted out and wanted to continue calling her Jiajia, but when he met Lu Zijia’s cold eyes that gave him chills in his heart, he changed his words.

“Zijia, I know I hurt you in the past.
I’m sorry.
Every time I hurt you, my heart aches a hundred times more than yours, but I can’t do anything about it either, can I?

“After all, we… If I could go back in time, I’d rather you be the first person I met.

“Zijia, if I say that I would break off the engagement with Wanyuan, would you come back to me and be willing to be with me again?

“I swear I’ll never let go of your hand again this time.
I’ll never let you get hurt again in the future.”

Ye Nambo raised three fingers and swore while looking at Lu Zijia with deep affection and anticipation.

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People who didn’t know anything would really think that he was so devoted!

After hearing Ye Nanbo’s “moving confession of love,” Lu Zijia wasn’t touched that her eyes turned red, or that she immediately threw herself into his arms, like Ye Nambo expected.

Instead, she chuckled.
That laughter sounded particularly piercing in his ears, making him feel like Lu Zijia was mocking him.

In fact, Lu Zijia was indeed mocking him.

Ye, please behave yourself before you say these ridiculous things to others, alright?”

Lu Zijia said as her mocking gaze landed on his neck.
There were a few not so obvious nail scratches, as well as some faint traces of intimacy.

He had just had passionate sex with another woman, and now he came to her to express his affection.
Ye Nambo, this hypocritical man, was too thick-skinned!

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Ye Nambo frowned in confusion at first, then noticed that she was staring at his neck and his face immediately turned green.

Before he came, he even put on a tie to cover them.

However, it was too hot outside after he got out of the car and he subconsciously loosened his tie… So, the traces he wanted to hide were exposed just like that!

Ye Nambo’s face instantly turned green, as if he suddenly got constipation, looking really bad.

“So, what else do you have to say, Mr.

After admiring his constipated face for a while, the corners of Lu Zijia’s mouth curled up and she asked in a good mood.

“Zijia, I… I…”

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Ye Nambo took a deep breath and forced himself to calm down.
After a while, he continued,

“Zijia, it’s not what you think.
The marks on my neck are…” They were from Wanyuan.

However, before he finished talking, Lu Zijia interrupted him.
“I’m not interested in knowing how you got the marks on your neck, nor do I want to know.

“I got in your car just to ask you a question.”

After being interrupted by Lu Zijia, Ye Nambo was originally a bit anxious in his mind, but he was relieved when he heard what Lu Zijia said next.

Because he felt that the question Lu Zijia wanted to ask was nothing more than whether he had ever loved her.

This also showed that Lu Zijia couldn’t let him go in her mind.
As long as he kept her happy, everything would be fine.

Perhaps he could even get a lot of benefits from Lu Zijia.
For example, he could take the opportunity to rope in the person who taught Lu Zijia magic behind her and ask that person to work for him.

To be honest, Ye Nambo’s idea was truly excellent!

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