“Dad is the only one left.
Please, sister, help me!”

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“Sister, so you only need me to make a cute face so you can help my dad?”

“Then I can do this for you now, so can you help me cure dad’s legs?”

Mu Ruishu was always very persistent when it came to Mu Tianyan.
He could even lower his arrogant head for him.

As long as dad could stand up and be happy, it would not matter if dad did not continue to love him.

He could just cry himself in his room anyway so his dad would not see.

As he was thinking, Mu Ruishu showed a bright face to Lu Zijia.

He would have looked rather cute normally, so people would feel like caressing him.

But now that he was missing a front tooth, apart from the cuteness, he looked quite funny too.

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Lu Zijia, who was in the middle of drinking fruit juice, could not help but spill the juice out on the young master’s face.

But she also choked on it and started coughing

Lu Zijia was laughing whilst coughing because Mu Ruishu turned completely red.

Seeing the young master coming to the edge of getting angry, Lu Zijia instantly stopped laughing.

She let out a dried cough and then gave a rough touch upon his fluffy head.

“You did a great job.
Don’t worry, I will definitely cure your dad’s legs,” Lu Zijia said with a relaxed tone.

Even if she might be incapable at the moment, she would be able to in the future.

Receiving Lu Zijia’s promise, Mu Ruishu suddenly became very cheerful.
He said with a sweet tone, “You are great, sister, I like you.”

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Lu Zijia, “….”

What a fickle young master! He had just snapped at her a minute ago.

But it felt much better to be liked than to be hated.

“Second Master…”

Uncle He turned to Mu Tianyan as he watched the interaction between the two.
He looked very complicated.

He had a lot to say but he knew that he had better not ask anything more due to his position.

Unless… Mu Tianyan was willing to tell him something.

Mu Tianyan was certainly aware of Uncle He’s concern, but he did not explain anything.

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But suddenly, he let out a bomb that shocked everyone present.

Especially Lu Zijia, who was completely involved.

“From today on, Lu Zijia will be the lady of the mansion.
She is going to be my wife.”

Then Mu Tianyan turned to Mu Ruishu, “You are calling her Aunt.”

Although he was prepared that dad would not like him when dad got a new woman, he was still so saddened… What was he supposed to do?

But he was not supposed to cry; otherwise, he would be hated by dad.
He should not cry.

However, despite his immaturity, he was none other than a five-year-old boy.
He could stop himself from crying, but he could not conceal the pitiful look on his face.

“Aunt…” Mu Ruishu called Lu Zijia obediently with a nasal tone.

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He looked really pitiful.

Lu Zijia, who had just got “promoted” to aunt, was completely dumbfounded.

What was Mu Tianyan joking about? Why had she never heard about this before?

Also, the joke was not at all funny!

Shocked by the bomb-like news given by Mu Tianyan, Lu Zijia brought herself back and burst out instantly, “Second Master of Mu, are you mistaken?”

“I never promised to marry you, let alone be the lady of the Mu Family!”

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