Chapter 324: The Fang Family Incident (2)

As soon as Lu Zijia and the others stepped into the door of the Fang family’s villa, they heard two people’s voices and the sound of glass tiles shattering on the second floor of the villa.

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Hearing that voice, Fang Chengtao immediately ignored Lu Zijia and Fei Dingshan, and ran upstairs in a hurry.

Seeing this, Lu Zijia and Fei Dingshan followed him.

“What’s going on? Didn’t Yingying fall asleep just then? Did someone wake her up?”

Fang Chengtao walked to the door of a room with pink as the main color, and what he saw was a room with a mess.

And his daughter was leaning against the corner in a messy state at this moment, holding a small vase in her hand while looking at the people in the room with a slightly crazy and vigilant expression.

Looking at his daughter, who looked extremely haggard and was getting increasingly skinny, Fang Chengtao couldn’t help having a heartache and a headache at the same time.

He immediately looked at the few medical personnel in the room with a sharp gaze.

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Seeing that Fang Chengtao was looking at them, the leading male doctor stepped forward and explained a bit tiredly, “Mr.
Fang, Miss Fang suddenly woke up like before.

“Besides, the effects of the sleeping pills on Miss Fang are getting smaller and smaller.
If we increase the dosage, Miss Fang might not be able to take it.

Fang, I suggest you send Miss Fang to the hospital or find a psychiatrist for her.”

These medical personnel had already been hired by the Fang family for more than a week.
Unfortunately, they failed to improve Fang Yingying’s condition after trying all kinds of methods.

As soon as the male doctor finished talking, Zhu Yunya, who was worried about her daughter, spoke with a piercing voice first before Fang Chengtao said anything.
“What are you talking about? My daughter isn’t crazy.
Why would she need a psychiatrist?

“I hired you here to help my daughter, not to treat her like a lunatic!”

The few medical personnel here were already used to Zhu Yunya being difficult to get along with, but they still felt very speechless.

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“Madam Fang, that’s not what I mean.
Besides, going to see a psychiatrist doesn’t make her a lunatic.” The male doctor explained to Zhu Yunya patiently.

“I don’t want to hear your explanation.
I just want my daughter to get better.
If you can’t do it, then get out of here!”

During the past week, Zhu Yunya watched as her daughter became more and more haggard without getting better at all.
She had already been dissatisfied with these medical personnel in her mind.

And now, this doctor asked her daughter to see a psychiatrist.
She immediately vented out the resentment accumulated over the past few days.

“Then, Madam Fang, please hire someone else!”

The male doctor, who had been tolerating it for so many years, finally couldn’t bear it anymore and his face darkened.
He said something and directly walked out with the other nurses.

“Hang on.”

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Seeing the few medical personnel walking out of the door, Fang Chengtao quickly stopped them, then took out a checkbook and wrote them a check on the spot.

“Thank you for your hard work these days.
My wife is just too concerned about our daughter.
She doesn’t mean anything else.
Don’t take it personally.”

It was normal for parents to care about their children, but they really couldn’t tolerate Madam Fang’s sharp personality.

However, the male doctor finally looked a bit better and he reminded them again, “Miss Fang’s condition isn’t good.
I suggest you take her to the hospital.”

The male doctor said as he ignored the check Fang Chengtao gave him and left the Fang family with the few nurses.

Fang Chengtao didn’t ask them to stay either, but sighed heavily.

“Where have you been? Our daughter is already like this and you still have the mood to deal with other things.

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“Have you ever cared about our daughter? Do you only care about her when something happens to her?”

Seeing her husband walk in, Zhu Yunya, who still had anger in her heart, immediately vented it out at Fang Chengtao.

“What are you talking about? Yingying is my daughter too.
Why wouldn’t I care about her?” Fang Chengtao refuted while suppressing his anger.

“Ha! Do you? If you care about your daughter, why would you go out to fool around after she almost jumped off a building? I think you just want your daughter to die so you can take the bastard you raised outside back home!”

The enraged Zhu Yunya didn’t notice that Lu Zijia and Fei Dingshan were already standing at the door and she started arguing directly with Fang Chengtao.

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