Chapter 322: New Business Coming to Her

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After hearing Fei Dingshan’s self-introduction, Lu Zijia also remembered who this person was.

The incident of the Fei family could be considered the first supernatural incident she dealt with in this world.

“You’ve already given me my remuneration back then.
You don’t have to thank me.
Of course, if you insist on thanking me, you can just refer more customers to me.”

Lu Zijia was truly honest when she said these words about giving her business opportunities so openly…

Fei Dingshan had already experienced Lu Zijia’s “honesty” back then, so he only swallowed for a second and soon collected himself.

“Ahem, well… Actually, apart from thanking you, Master Lu, there’s something else I need your help with.”

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Fei Dingshan coughed a bit awkwardly and continued in slight embarrassment, “Well, I drank too much in a business meeting two days ago and I talked about you, Master Lu.

“After hearing about your ability, Master Lu, there’s a business partner who wants me to help him out.
I wonder if you…”

Fei Dingshan didn’t continue talking, but waited for Lu Zijia’s answer.

Hearing that there was a business opportunity, Lu Zijia’s eyes immediately brightened.
Fei, you’re so kind.
You’re referring to me customers so quickly.
Thank you so much.

“However, my charges have increased recently.
I’m charging five million yuan each time.
I wonder…”

Lu Zijia also didn’t continue what she was saying after that, but it was enough for Fei Dingshan to understand what she meant.

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Things like charges should be made clear in advance.
Otherwise, it wouldn’t be nice if they refused to pay the price after finishing the job.

“Master Lu, don’t worry.
That partner of mine said that he doesn’t care how much it costs, as long as you can help him deal with the matter.

“I believe that with your ability, you definitely won’t have a problem with that.”

Hearing that Lu Zijia didn’t blame him, Fei Dingshan was secretly relieved in his mind.
At the same time, he trusted Lu Zijia’s ability 100%, to the point where he trusted her blindly.

Simply put, Fei Dingshan treated Lu Zijia, this master, as his idol.

After hearing what Fei Dingshan said, Lu Zijia also accepted the deal directly.
The two of them immediately agreed on a meeting venue and would see each other there.

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After saying goodbye to Mu Tianyan, who was working in the study, Lu Zijia went out.

Mu Tianyan was in a good mood because of her saying goodbye to him before she headed out.

This made him feel like Lu Zijia finally started to care about him, or at least put him in her mind.

Lu Zijia had no idea what Mu Tianyan was thinking, nor did she realize that there was anything wrong with what she did.

Not long after Lu Zijia left, she received a call from Fei Dingshan again.
The meeting venue became the home of Fei Dingshan’s partner.

An hour later, Lu Zijia’s taxi arrived at the gate of a luxurious villa area.

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Fei Dingshan and a bald middle-aged man had already been waiting at the gate for a long time.

Seeing Lu Zijia get out of the car, Fei Dingshan quickly went up to her with excitement and joy on his face.
“Master Lu, it’s been a while.
I’m really sorry.
I originally wanted to take you to a meal.

“But Old Fang said that his daughter isn’t doing well and he wanted to ask you to come over as soon as possible, so…”

Fei Dingshan said apologetically as he signaled the middle-aged man with a half bald head to tell Lu Zijia about the situation himself.

However, the middle-aged man didn’t seem to see Fei Dingshan’s signal.
He looked at Lu Zijia’s extremely young face and frowned deeply.

Apparently, he doubted Lu Zijia’s ability and didn’t trust her anymore..

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