Chapter 315: Master Lu Who Dug a Huge Hole

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“Madame, thank you so much.
You must be tired as well? Why don’t you take a rest first?”

“Right, right, I’ll get you a woolen blanket, Madame.”

“I’ll get the pillow.”

“I’ll get the blanket.”

“I’ll get… get the thin blanket!”

“I’ll get the thick blanket!”


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Hearing their increasingly irrelevant words, Lu Zijia couldn’t help feeling speechless.

“Stop, stop, stop! Calm down, everyone.
Sit down!”

Seeing that they were about to put blankets on her, Lu Zijia quickly stopped them.

Hearing that, Mu Yunhao and the others immediately sat down, putting their knees together and straightening their backs.
They were sitting exactly like primary school students!

Mu Tianyan, who suddenly felt that his subordinates were a bit dumb and cute: “…”

Seeing that Mu Yunhao and the others were so “obedient,” Lu Zijia nodded in satisfaction, then said with a smile, “You’re suddenly so eager to please me.
Is there something you want from me?”

The ten guards immediately nodded furiously after hearing that.

Mu Yunhao spoke for them.
“Yes, Madame, I wonder if you can…”

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Can you also draw inscriptions for our weapons?


Before Mu Yunhao finished talking, Lu Zijia agreed first.
She was simply too easygoing.

She was waiting for these people to jump into her trap.
How could she not be easygoing?

Mu Yunhao was first startled.
Apparently, he had never thought that Lu Zijia would suddenly be so easygoing.

But the next second, something seemed to come to his mind and he looked at Lu Zijia with a bit of vigilance in his eyes.

He felt that Madame had dug a hole for them, waiting for them to jump in willingly one by one… Was this his illusion?

However, the inscriptions that could make their weapons stronger were too tempting.
Even though they knew it might be a trap, they still wanted to jump in…

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The corners of the mouth of Mu Yunhao, who had collected himself from the great temptation, couldn’t help twitching fiercely.

Madam was indeed Madam.
She was so good at setting up traps that people had no choice but to submit to her!

Compared to the excitement of Mu Yunhao and the others, Mu Tianyan on the side frowned slightly in disapproval.

Lu Zijia’s pale face when she drew the inscriptions just then left a deep impression on him and his heart couldn’t help but tighten.

However, as a Martial Artist, he knew very well that if she gave up the moment she encountered difficulties, she wouldn’t be able to achieve anything in the future.

If he stopped her, it would be the same as cutting off her Martial Arts journey.

Looking at the smiling face that looked like a little fox, Mu Tianyan sighed silently and didn’t stop her in the end.

Lu Zijia had no idea what Mu Tianyan was thinking.
At this moment, she was waiting for Mu Yunhao and the others to jump into the trap wholeheartedly.

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“It’s definitely fine if you want me to draw inscriptions for you.”

Lu Zijia looked at them with curved eyes and eyebrows, then suddenly changed the subject.
“But as you saw just now, I only drew an inscription and am already so exhausted.

“If I draw inscriptions for your weapons one by one, it will probably take a long time.

“Of course, there’s a way if you want me to draw the inscriptions for you quickly.”

“What way?”

Before Lu Zijia finished talking, Mu Shi, who was the first to stand out and fawn on her before, couldn’t wait to ask.

Mu Yunhao wanted to stop him from jumping into the trap, but he couldn’t do so in time..
He could only pray for him in his mind that he wouldn’t be tricked too badly by Madame.


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