Chapter 306: Damn! Lu Zijia, You Tricked Me Again!

The sarcasm on Lu Zijia’s face undoubtedly pierced Lu Wanyuan’s eyes, making her resentful in her mind.

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She had already come to yield and compromise with Lu Zijia, but Lu Zijia still laughed at her in dissatisfaction.
She was totally going too far!

The more Lu Wanyuan hated Lu Zijia in her mind, the more aggrieved she sounded.
“Zijia, please believe me.
My mother really knows she’s wrong.

“Besides, father also admitted that he only divorced Auntie because he was muddled for a second.

“Zijia, you know my father’s temper.
He’s just angry for a second.
He won’t put it in his mind after that.

“Otherwise, father wouldn’t have never really divorced Auntie all these years, would he?”

Lu Zijia was speechless by what Lu Wanyuan said against her conscience.

Her skin was so thick that it couldn’t become thin no matter what.

Lu Zijia looked at her with an amused look.
“He’s been muddled for twenty years? That’s really long.

“Lu Wanyuan, do you think I’m a fool, or do you think of yourself as one, so you tell a lie that even a three-year-old wouldn’t believe?”

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“Lu Zijia, what exactly do you want to let us go?” After suffering setbacks again and again, Lu Wanyuan gritted her teeth fiercely and finally couldn’t hold back her anger, showing her ferocious side.

She stared at Lu Zijia with her eyes full of resentment, thinking that Lu Zijia was too aggressive and didn’t know what was good for her.

However, she didn’t want to think about it.
If anything could be forgiven with a few nice words, how would there be so many disputes and fights in the world?

Besides, Lu Zijia wasn’t her mother.
Why should she give her whatever she wanted?

How would there be such a good thing in the world?

Seeing Lu Wanyuan’s aggrieved look like a victim, the corners of Lu Zijia’s mouth curled up in a ridiculing curve.
Her voice was cold to the bone, making people feel a chill in their hearts.

“I don’t want anything.
I just want you to experience the pain my Mom has suffered all these years.

“So, this is just the beginning.
You must hold on, or… it won’t be fun.”

Suddenly, Lu Zijia seemed to remember something.
She put a harmless smile on her pure and gorgeous face.
“Right, I’ve always wanted to give you a present, but I forgot.

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“Now that I think about it, I can give it to you in person.”

As soon as Lu Zijia finished talking, she quickly cast a spell at the area between Lu Wanyuan’s eyebrows with both hands.

Of course, as a mortal, Lu Wanyuan couldn’t see that spell at all.
She didn’t even feel it at all.

However, since people couldn’t see it, they felt like they were carrying a bomb that could explode at any moment, which made them scared.

“What… What did you do to me? You…”

Lu Wanyuan’s face turned pale and she quickly took a few steps back with a terrified look.

Even though Lu Zijia didn’t touch her, she didn’t forget that Lu Zijia had learned some Taoist Master skills from somewhere.

It was very difficult for people to notice when a Taoist Master laid a hand on an ordinary person.

“Alright, I hope you like this gift.”

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Lu Zijia didn’t seem to see her fear.
After giving her a bright smile in a good mood, she walked past her towards the car.

A week of being haunted by nightmares and evil spirits was a pretty good gift.
It should be enough for Lu Wanyuan to enjoy.

After Lu Wanyuan reacted, she was unwilling to give up and wanted to chase after her.
However, she had just taken a step when she twisted her ankle and she fell on the ground with her face facing down.


Lu Wanyuan’s scream didn’t get Lu Zijia to turn around.
After all, that was her masterpiece.
She knew what happened without looking back.

Lu Zijia was about to get into the backseat when something suddenly came to her mind.
She stopped and said to Song Zixuan, “Lu Wanyuan knows the weakness of Ye Nambo.
Go and find it out now.”

After watching a good drama, Song Zixuan, who had a satisfied look on his face, was about to get in the car.
Hearing what she said, he blurted out in confusion, “Why didn’t you do so just then?”

Lu Zijia glanced at him and said coldly, “I’m not the one who wants to deal with the Ye family.”

What she meant was, “Deal with your matter yourself.”

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Song Zixuan: “…” Could he wave his hand and overturn the boat of friendship?

“You win.”

Song Zixuan, who only uttered these two words after a long time, finally went to get information himself.

Watching Song Zixuan walk away, the corners of Lu Zijia’s mouth curled up slightly, looking so cunning.

Song Zixuan was halfway there when he heard the sound of the car behind him.
When he turned around, he saw Lu Zijia driving his car quickly into the old house of the Mu Family!

“Damn! Lu Zijia, you tricked me again!”

Looking at the car that disappeared quickly and the giant iron gate that was closed, Song Zixuan, who realized that he was tricked again, immediately exploded on the spot!

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