Chapter 300: Master Li Wasn’t the One Who Harmed the Song Family Back Then?

“Bullshit! The members of the Song family will recognize you even if you turn into ashes with that dog-like look of yours! How dare you argue? Do you think I have a good temper?”

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As soon as Master Li denied, Song Zixuan immediately rushed forward furiously and stepped on the back of Master Li, who was still being pressed on the ground.

Master Li looked like he was in pain.
Before Song Zixuan was about to step on him a second time, he quickly explained, “It’s really not me.
I haven’t even started accepting jobs 20 years ago!

“I only got my first job ten years ago.
It’s impossible for me to lay a hand on the Song family 20 years ago.

“As for the few times in the past few years, I was indeed the one who did it, but I was only paid to do so.
You can’t blame me for that.
Blame those who paid me.”

Even though Master Li was afraid of Lu Zijia, he didn’t take Song Zixuan, this ordinary person, seriously.

So, the attitude and tone he had when he talked the two of them were so different that they couldn’t be compared at all.

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“Ha, I’ll kill you now.
After you die, you can only blame the person who paid you!”

Song Zixuan grunted with a vicious look and immediately picked up the fruit knife on the fruit tray on the coffee table.

“Remember to find Song Zhuolan and Ye Mingyang after you die.
If they didn’t pay you to harm the Song family, you wouldn’t have to die.”

“No, no! You can’t kill me.
You can’t kill me.
I’m telling the truth.
I’m telling the truth!”

Seeing that Song Zixuan’s eyes turned red as if he had lost his mind and even pointed the fruit knife at his neck, Master Li immediately shouted in fear and his body even trembled fiercely.

People who didn’t know better would think that he was having a seizure.

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The two bodyguards holding Master Li only looked at each other silently and lowered their heads, pretending not to see anything.

“He’s telling the truth.”

When Song Zixuan put the knife in his hand on Master Li’s throat, Lu Zijia said.

Song Zixuan had never intended to kill anyone.
He only did this to scare Master Li into telling the truth.
Hearing what Lu Zijia said now, he stopped what he was doing.

However, he didn’t take back the fruit knife, which made Master Li break out in cold sweat constantly.
He was afraid that Song Zixuan would kill him with a shake of his hand.

“My grandpa and the others have seen his face.
They all recognize that he’s Master Li from back then.
Even his age matches.”

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Song Zixuan frowned and told her what he knew.

Lu Zijia shook her head.
“Sorcerers don’t determine a person based on their appearance, but their aura.

“Because a person’s appearance can be easily changed in sorcerers’ perspective.

“However, aura is different.
Everyone has a unique aura.
As long as you remember someone’s aura, you can easily find them no matter how they change their appearance.”

After pausing for a second, Lu Zijia glanced at Master Li.
“Besides, the frame made of Yin Wood has strong Yin energy.
If not careful, one would be invaded by Yin energy.

“With his current strength, if he really did do something to the Song family twenty years ago, the Yin energy would have invaded his lungs and turned him into a sickly person when he made the Yin Wood into a frame.

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“Even if he’s a Taoist Master himself, he wouldn’t be able to recover completely in just twenty years.”

After hearing Lu Zijia’s explanation, Song Zixuan frowned even tighter.
“So, he’s got help?”

Lu Zijia shrugged and pointed at Master Li with her chin.
“You’ll have to ask him.”

“No, no, don’t kill me.
I’ll tell you everything!”

Feeling Song Zixuan press the fruit knife against his throat a bit harder, Master Li was so scared that his face turned as pale as paper and he almost peed on the spot.

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