Chapter 298: Interrogating Master Li (3)

As if he was afraid that he didn’t have enough bargaining chips, Master Li quickly added a few more words, “Even if I can’t help, I can still ask my Master for help.
My Master is much better than me.
He’ll definitely be able to help you!”

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At this moment, Master Li just hadn’t begged openly.
How would he still be arrogant like he was before?

Hearing that, Lu Zijia showed a look of sudden realization.
“So you have a Master.
No wonder.”

Master Li couldn’t see what her reaction meant, but it didn’t stop him from saving his life.
“That’s right.
I’m my Master’s only direct disciple.

“If something happens to me, my Master will feel it and he’ll know who does that.
With how much my Master values me, he’ll definitely take revenge for me.”

“Great, I want to see what your Master from the Maoshan Sect is capable of!”

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Lu Zijia smiled harmlessly, but her bright eyes were indeed so cold that they scared people.

As soon as Lu Zijia finished talking, she didn’t give Master Li a chance to react at all.
Lu Zijia’s hand, full of strong spiritual power, hit his abdomen fiercely.


Master Li screamed in pain.
His face was distorted and hideous, like a devil that crawled out of hell.

After a while, red, glaring blood oozed out of the corners of Master Li’s mouth.

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“You… You disabled me! How dare you disable me! Argh!! I’m going to kill you! I’m going to kill you! Argh!”

Feeling that the magic power in his body was draining quickly, Master Li immediately wanted to pounce on Lu Zijia like crazy, looking like he was going to fight to the death with Lu Zijia.

However, as soon as he moved, the two bodyguards holding him directly knocked him on the ground and pressed him down firmly, making it difficult for him to even move, let alone kill Lu Zijia.

“You might not deserve a death sentence for what you did, but it’s still necessary to take away your ability to do evil.”

Lu Zijia squatted down in front of him with a cold expression and stared at Master Li with her dark eyes without any emotion.
“Or do you want to die? I can totally help you.”

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She said as she controlled the spiritual power in her body to wrap around her fair and slender hand, then slowly raised it and aimed at the top of Master Li’s head.

Seeing that Lu Zijia’s hand was about to hit him, Master Li’s craziness was immediately reduced by more than half.
He widened his eyes in shock and cLu Zijia’s cold and ruthless face was reflected clearly in his eyes that were full of fear.

“No, no, no, no, no, no, I don’t want to die, I don’t want to die!

“Please let me go, let me go.
If you let me go, I can do anything.
I can do anything.
Please, please, please let me go! I won’t do it again.”

Feeling Lu Zijia’s intention to kill him clearly, Master Li was truly scared this time.
He didn’t even dare to show his resentment, afraid that Lu Zijia would see through him and kill him even faster.

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However, he had decided in his mind that he would definitely make these people wish they were dead when his Master came!

Lu Zijia dispersed the spiritual power in her hand a bit sadly and said condescendingly, “If you don’t want to die, tell me everything you know.


Speaking of this, Lu Zijia paused for a second and showed an extremely charming but dangerous smile.
“Otherwise, I’ll have to do a soul search directly.

“Even though I’ve never used a soul-searching secret art before, don’t worry, I’ll definitely be careful and not let you become a fool or die an unnatural death.

“But you know that nothing can be guaranteed 100%, so you have to understand.”

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