Chapter 287: He Wanted to Keep an Eye on His Wife

No matter how slow Jin Junyi was, he finally noticed Mu Tianyan’s hostility towards him.

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And the hostility arose because of Lu Zijia, which made him a bit embarrassed.

Even though he admired Lu Zijia, he didn’t like her.
Or rather, he didn’t know what it felt like.

Besides, he already knew that Lu Zijia was taken, so he wouldn’t do anything that would ruin his moral character.

“Since Second Master is here to pick up Fellow Lu, I’ll go back to the office first if there’s nothing else.”

In order not to make things difficult for Lu Zijia, Jin Junyi took the initiative to find an excuse to leave first.

Lu Zijia, who didn’t notice the subtle atmosphere between the two men, couldn’t help but glance at Jin Junyi strangely.

Didn’t this guy insist on learning from her before? Why did he suddenly give up halfway?

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Tsk, tsk, he was such a quitter.

However, she wouldn’t force him to stay if he wanted to leave, so she waved at him readily.
“Alright, be careful on the way.”

It was good that she didn’t take this guy’s car.
Otherwise, he might drive her somewhere else again when he lost his sense of direction.

After Jin Junyi left, Lu Zijia didn’t make any drama.
She directly got into the car and sat next to Mu Tianyan.

“Where are we going?”

Mu Tianyan, who successfully got her into the car, showed a faint smile at the corners of his mouth and said with an almost imperceptible joy.

She had gotten involved with Song Zixuan before, and now, a colleague.

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It seemed that he had to keep an eye on his wife.

Lu Zijia, who didn’t notice Mu Tianyan’s strange behavior, said after hearing his question, “Wait, let me ask first.”

She immediately asked Qiu Ansheng in the Yin Gathering Talisman, “Which hospital is your mother staying in?”

Qiu Ansheng quickly told Mu Tianyan the address and the name of the hospital, and Lu Zijia immediately repeated them to Mu Tianyan.

Seeing Lu Zijia talking to herself, Mu Tianyan certainly realized something, but his expression didn’t change at all.

Meanwhile, Mu Yunhao’s expression froze and his body tightened reflexively.
He didn’t know if it was only in his head, but he always felt a chill on his back…

Mu Ruishu, who was clueless about ghosts, had confusion all over his little face when he saw Lu Zijia talking to herself.

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“Auntie, why are you talking to yourself? Are you sick?” Mu Ruishu asked innocently.

When Grandpa He was sick, he liked talking to himself, so Mu Ruishu thought that Lu Zijia was also sick right now.


Lu Zijia rolled her eyes at him speechlessly.
“Who said talking to yourself means you’re sick? I’m thinking.
What does a kid like you know?”

This kid was still small.
She shouldn’t scare him.
If she did, she would be guilty.

Mu Ruishu, who was dissatisfied with being called a kid, glared at Lu Zijia furiously and immediately complained to his uncle.

“Uncle, Auntie bullied me!”

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He was already a little adult, but this bad woman kept calling him a kid, making him lose his manhood!

Mu Ruishu originally thought that his uncle, who had always adored him, would definitely “stand up” for him.


“Hm, she’s your Auntie.
Be nice to her.”

Mu Tianyan said with a straight face in a natural tone.
He was totally… bullying the kid!

Mu Ruishu, who suffered a huge blow: “????!!” Boohoo! His uncle didn’t love him anymore!

Mu Yunhao, who was driving in the front, couldn’t control his hands and almost drove into a ditch.

Second Master really… ruined his image completely for Madame!

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