Chapter 283: A Whole Family of Troublemakers (1)

Everyone looked over after hearing the voice and saw a fierce-looking, burly, middle-aged man striding over.

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“Qian Daqing is finally back, but he didn’t come back at the right time.
I’m afraid there’ll be trouble again.”

“The Qian family are such troublemakers.
Even ghosts are afraid of them, let alone the police.”

“Luckily, I’m not their neighbor.
Otherwise, how would I be able to stay here, hearing them shout every day?”

“Right, I also heard that the kids in the Qian family always beat other kids for no reason and even hit their faces specifically.
I wonder who spoiled them.
They’re so arrogant at such a young age.
What will happen when they grow up?

“Ah, it’s truly unlucky for me to meet such troublesome neighbors like the Qian family.”

After recognizing the burly man, the crowd around immediately started whispering.

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It wasn’t difficult to hear from everyone’s words that the residents in this community didn’t really like the members of the Qian family.

“You’re Qian Daqing?”

The young police officer wasn’t afraid of Qian Daqing’s fierce look.
Instead, he took the initiative to step forward and ask.

“Right, I am Qian Daqing!”

After seeing that they were cops, Qian Daqing’s attitude didn’t change at all.
He even directly reached out and pushed the two cops holding Grandma Qian away violently.

“What are you trying to do? What’s so impressive about being cops? Do you think cops can lay their hands on normal people like us? Let me tell you, I’m not afraid of you cops.

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“If you dare to touch my family, I’ll file a complaint about you.
If I can’t do so in town, I’ll go to the city.

“If I still can’t file a complaint, I can still go to the reporters.
I don’t believe there’s no law in this world!”

Qian Daqing protected his mother and yelled with his loud voice at the same time.
His unreasonable look was so much like Grandma Qian.

People must say that they were indeed mother and son!

The onlookers around were already used to Qian Daqing’s unreasonable behavior, so they didn’t have much reaction.

However, the cops and medical personnel were even more enraged in their minds.

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They thought that there would be someone reasonable in this family, but unexpectedly, the members of the whole family were unreasonable

Fine, they were totally unlucky today!

The middle-aged police officer who carried the boy out before, walked forward at this moment and took the printed picture from the young police officer’s hand, showing it in front of Qian Daqing expressionlessly.

“You can complain anytime you want.
We’ll never stop you, but if you continue to stand in our way when we work right now, you’ll be obstructing official business on purpose.
We have the right to detain you.

“Look carefully.
Your mother is suspected of fraud.
We have both a witness and physical evidence.
We have the right to arrest her and bring her to the station!”

The middle-aged police officer even pointed at the young man who was still kneeling on the ground with a painful look on his face, indicating that he was a witness.

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Hearing that there was a witness and physical evidence, Qian Daqing was startled in his mind.
But the next second, he grabbed the picture in the middle-aged police officer’s hand and instantly tore it into pieces.

“What evidence? You’re saying that a few pictures are evidence.
I can say that you cops are deliberately slandering someone!

“Let me tell you, don’t even think about touching my mother!”

Judging from Qian Daqing’s posture, he obviously wanted to be unreasonable to the end and was trying to turn things over in a shameless way.

However, would things really go as he wished?

“Son, you’re right! You cops have nothing better to do.
I’m already an old woman with one foot in the casket.

“You bastards, how dare you slander me, this old woman? You’re truly sinful, sinful!

“You sinful bastards, aren’t you afraid that God would punish you?”

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