Chapter 278: The Bitterness of Being Stuffed with PDA

“It’s alright, I’m here.
Don’t worry, don’t worry.
I’ll protect you.”

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The young police officer looked embarrassed.
He patted the female police officer in his arms with slightly stiff movements and comforted her gently.

“Hm, I… I believe you.”

The female police officer nodded constantly, but she still held the young police officer tightly with her hands.
She was totally clinging to him, wasn’t she?

Lu Zijia, Jin Junyi, and the young spirit, who felt like they had been forced to see a huge amount of PDA inexplicably: “…”

At this moment, Lu Zijia deeply felt that she was also tricking herself while tricking other people.

That sweet PDA made her really overwhelmed!

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“Ahem, alright, back to business.”

Lu Zijia, who didn’t want to continue being forced to watch people show their affection, coughed loudly on purpose to remind the two people, who were hugging each other on the side, that the others were still here!

The two people, who realized that other people were here, immediately flushed and quickly separated, as if they were electrocuted.

However, even though they were separated, the female police officer still leaned towards the young police officer quietly.

Even though she liked reading horror novels, she was actually very afraid of ghosts, so she was a super contradictory person.

The young police officer was certainly very happy about the girl he liked leaning towards him.

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Lu Zijia, who saw the small movements and reactions of the two of them, rolled her eyes silently.

Lu Zijia didn’t feel anything when she was in the cultivation world in her previous life, but after coming to this world, she deeply understood the bitterness of being forced to watch people show their affection.

At this moment, a person appeared in Lu Zijia’s mind unconsciously.

Even though that person was sitting in a wheelchair, it still couldn’t hide his kingly aura like he was overlooking the world.

After realizing what she was thinking, Lu Zijia quickly calmed her mind and instantly put that picture behind her.

“Do you know that a 15-year-old boy jumped off a building and killed himself three days ago?”

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Lu Zijia asked the two police officers seriously.

Hearing something about business, the embarrassment on the young police officer’s face immediately disappeared and he replied seriously, “I know.
That young man’s name is Qiu Ansheng.
He committed suicide by jumping off a building nearby.

“We’re also responsible for this case.
We didn’t find any traces of him being killed and there’s even a video that proved he jumped down himself, so it’s definitely a suicide case.”

The female police officer said, following his words, “We’ve also investigated Qiu Ansheng’s background.
He’s from a single-parent family.
He has been relying on his mother since he was little and his family is relatively poor.

“Some time ago, his mother was admitted to the hospital and was found to be in the intermediate stage of lung cancer.
She needed more than 200,000 yuan for surgery.

“We suspect that this might be the main reason why he committed suicide.”

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Lu Zijia shook her head.
“That’s not the main reason.
The main reason is that the hospitalization fees he worked so hard to get and the money he borrowed were taken away by someone.

“Let’s not talk about the 200,000 yuan surgery fee.
Even the hospitalization fees are gone.
How would he not feel devastated?”

The hospitalization fee he borrowed from people with so much effort could be said to be Qiu Ansheng’s last hope.

So, when even that last hope was lost, Qiu Ansheng, whose mind was already shaken, immediately collapsed.
He had completely fallen into despair and he couldn’t get out of it, so he finally chose the most extreme way, to commit suicide.

In Lu Zijia’s opinion, this was the stupidest choice.

He would still have hope if he was alive.
When he died, there was really no hope at all.

So, people must stay calm, or it would be easy for them to take the extreme path.

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