, Lu Bochuan was totally making something up in Du Jinqian’s perspective and he was deliberately looking for trouble!

Of course, in Lu Bochuan’s opinion, Du Jinqian was also trying to make sense of what he did, so the anger in his heart became even stronger.

“That piece of land in the suburbs of B City was originally about to be in possession of the Lu family, but the management personnel suddenly changed their minds.
Who else could it be if it isn’t the Du family behind this?”

Lu Bochuan almost shouted these words out loud and he sounded very certain.
Apparently, he was so sure that the Du family was the one who interfered and made the Lu family lose the huge piece of pork that was about to reach their mouths.

Hearing what Lu Bochuan said, Du Jinqian, who originally thought that Lu Bochuan was deliberately finding fault, glanced at his sister, who was standing on the side silently, in deep thought.

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The person in charge of that piece of land in the suburbs of B City was the mayor, and his sister was not only good friends with the mayor’s wife, but also got a favor from the mayor because she saved the mayor’s son.

If his sister used this favor, then…

However, he would definitely protect his sister no matter what!

“According to what you said, the business that the Du family lost all these years has also gone to the Lu family.

“Does that mean that the Lu family used some underhanded means to steal the Du family’s business?”

Du Jinqian only said that to shut Lu Bochuan up.

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However, Lu Zijia clearly sensed that after Du Jinqian said this, Lu Bochuan’s heartbeat suddenly sped up a lot and he even seemed to be a bit guilty?

Lu Zijia raised her eyebrows slightly.
She had a feeling that Lu Bochuan was guilty, judging by his reaction.

There’s never an eternal partner in doing business.
Who can you blame for the decline of the Du family?”

Lu Bochuan tried his best to hide the guilt in his mind and said righteously on the outside.

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