Chapter 260: Going Back on the Scumbag Father and His Mistress (2)

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“Look at my mother.
My mother is the legal wife of the Lu family, but the clothes she’s wearing aren’t even comparable to those of Lu Bochuan’s mistress.

“What does this mean? It means that Lu Bochuan is a scumbag and doesn’t deserve to be a man!”

As Lu Zijia finished talking with a loud voice, the gaze of the onlookers, who were still speaking for Xia Fangqing just then, immediately changed.

The onlookers didn’t think there was anything wrong just then, but after hearing what Lu Zijia said, they thought that was quite true!

She was the legal wife, but she was dressed worse than a mistress outside.
Wasn’t it obvious that the man mistreated his legal wife?

Feeling the strange gaze of the onlookers, the expressions of Xia Fangqing and Lu Bochuan changed.

Xia Fangqing had never expected this.
She dressed up specially today just to show off in front of Du Xiangjun and provoke her at the same time.

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And yet, she dug a hole for herself instead!

She went for wool and came home shorn.
One could imagine how bad she looked right now.

“Evil girl! Do you know what you’re talking about? I’m your father.
Is this how you treat an old man like me?”

Lu Bochuan flew into a rage out of humiliation and his face flushed with anger.

If it weren’t for the fact that there were many people here, he would have slapped her.
This evil girl was indeed born to collect debts from him!

Lu Zijia glanced over coldly.
“My mother raised me by herself.
Even my food, clothes and everything I use are from my mother’s own savings.

“What about you? You keep saying you’re my father.
May I ask, what have you given me?

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“Love? Kinship? Money? No, nothing at all.

“But now, you call yourself my father in front of me.
I must say that you’re really thick-skinned.”

As if she suddenly thought of something, Lu Zijia sneered with obvious ridicule in her bright eyes.

“That’s true.
If you weren’t thick-skinned enough, how would you pretend to be deeply in love with my mother when you were with another woman?

“She’s clearly greedy for money, but she wants to pretend to be Romeo.
She’s truly a bitch but also wants to build a memorial arch for herself.

“Good! Well said!”

As soon as Lu Zijia finished talking, a loud, middle-aged man’s voice suddenly sounded from the crowd.

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After that, a handsome, square-faced middle-aged man walked out of the crowd.

Seeing this man, the expressions of Lu Bochuan and Du Xiangjun both changed slightly.

Lu Bochuan’s expression changed because of embarrassment and anger.

And Du Xiangjun’s expression changed because of guilt.

“Jiajia has indeed grown up.
You shouldn’t hold back when facing those ungrateful bastards.”

The middle-aged man was Du Jinqian.
He walked to Lu Zijia and patted her shoulder with relief.

From the memories of the original host, Lu Zijia learned that this upright middle-aged man was the eldest uncle of the original host and also Du Xiangjun’s brother.

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Du Xiangjun was the third child of the Du family.
She was the youngest and only daughter.

There was a second son in the middle, the original host’s uncle, called Du Jinli.

“Uncle.” Lu Zijia yelled with a smile.

Even though the original host had never spent time with the Du family since she was little for some reason, she could feel that the Du family really treated her well.

“Hey, good! Jiajia, don’t worry.
With me here, I’ll definitely not let anyone bully you and your mother.”

Seeing his niece’s “obedient” look, Du Jinqian was heartbroken and frustrated at the same time.

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