Chapter 259: Going Back on the Scumbag Father and His Mistress (1)

Lu Zijia smiled at her innocently.
“I’ve already apologized to you.
Why are you still angry?”

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Someone in the crowd couldn’t help but burst into laughter.

With this start, people immediately couldn’t help but burst into laughter one after another.
It sounded like they were farting and their voices couldn’t be any more “pleasant!”

Of course, in Xia Fangqing’s ears, those “pleasant” sounds were obvious ridicule towards her.

Lu Bochuan didn’t look any better either.
“Bitch, how dare you! You…”

A moment ago, Xia Fangqing was still so furious that her face twisted.
The next second, she seemed to have thought of something and her expression immediately changed.

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At the same time, she reached out her hand and patted Lu Bochuan’s back to calm him down.
“Bochuan, I’m fine.
Don’t be angry.”

She immediately turned around and said to Lu Zijia, “Jiajia, I know you don’t like me, but I’m your elder after all.
It’s okay if you beat me up in private, but don’t beat me when there are outsiders here in the future.

“Otherwise, your reputation will be affected.”

Xia Fangqing lowered her head and cried silently.
What she said was totally like something from a kind-hearted stepmother who was caring for her stepdaughter, Lu Zijia, wholeheartedly.

However, no one knew if it was intentional.

She said as she put down her hands that were covering her face and turned her body slightly to let the onlookers see even more clearly the two clear, red and swollen handprints on her face.

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“Gasp… The handprints are really obvious.
I’m afraid she must have used all her strength to slap her?”

“She must have exerted full strength.
Otherwise, how could it be so swollen?”

“Isn’t… Isn’t this young lady a bit too ruthless? And from what this woman said, this isn’t the first time this young lady beat someone up?

“Even if the elders did something wrong, she shouldn’t beat them up like this, right? She even did that in front of so many people.
This young lady is truly ignorant and cruel.”

“Old lady, that’s not right.
That woman is obviously a mistress.
She’s just a mistress.
How can she be the young lady’s elder?

“If I were that young lady, I wouldn’t have slapped her twice, but directly kicked her with my foot!”

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“Right, I’d complain about getting my hands dirty if I had to slap her!”

“Ah! No, no, you guys just came, right? That woman said that she was already with that man a long time ago.

“However, that man later got married to another woman for some reason.
Shouldn’t the mistress be the other woman?

“Oh right, that woman also said that the other woman is a rich lady.
Looks like that man’s family didn’t approve of him marrying that woman and forced him to marry a rich lady instead.”

“Hm? You seem to make sense.
Then, this woman isn’t really a mistress.”

The onlookers were talking among themselves.
Their voices weren’t loud, but they weren’t soft either.
At least, Xia Fangqing, Du Xiangjun and the others could hear a little.

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Hearing the discussions of the audience, a touch of complacency flashed through the eyes of Xia Fangqing, who still maintained an aggrieved look.

Compared to Xia Fangqing’s complacency, Du Xiangjun, who was the most innocent person in their relationship, was so enraged that her face turned green.

Noticing Du Xiangjun’s mood swings, Lu Zijia reached out and patted her back, telling her not to be angry.

She immediately looked at Xia Fangqing with a cold gaze.
“Since you know that I don’t like you, you should get out of hre and not show up from time to time.

“Also, don’t make yourself sound so noble.”

Lu Zijia said as she glanced at Lu Bochuan with a ridiculing gaze.
“If Lu Bochuan wasn’t rich, would you be willing to stay with him for more than 20 years without any status?

“Don’t tell me that you don’t love his money.
Look at your clothes and accessories.
Which one of them isn’t expensive?”

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