Chapter 258: The Scumbag Father Came with His Mistress (2)

“Du Xiangjun, you’re too cruel! You worked with other people to go after the Lu family just because I want to divorce you.
You’re absolutely unbelievable!

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“Let me tell you.
If you don’t give me an explanation today, I’ll fight you till the end!”

After Xia Fangqing finished playing the victim, Lu Bochuan immediately said furiously.

Du Xiangjun was totally angered and amused by the shamelessness of these two people.
In fact, she did laugh as well.

“You two are really shameless! I’ve already given up my position and let you cheaters be together openly.
What else are you dissatisfied with?

“I’m not afraid even if you insist on making trouble with me.
Lu Bochuan, let me tell you.
I’ve tolerated you for so many years.
If it weren’t for my daughter, I would have fought you with my life!”

Du Xiangjun said furiously as she rolled up her sleeves, looking like she was ready to go all out and fight with them to the end.

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The few reporters who came after receiving the news that Xia Fangqing deliberately leaked out hid in the crowd secretly and raised their cameras quietly to take photos of the three protagonists.

“Sister, you…”

Xia Fangqing wiped her tears with a handkerchief as she looked at Du Xiangjun with resentment in her eyes and even her voice sounded like she was pleading.

However, before she finished talking, Du Xiangjun interrupted her rudely.

“No, don’t call me sister.
I’m not close to you.
Besides, I only have two brothers and I don’t have any messy sisters.
Don’t come to mess with my family.”

Even with so many people here, Du Xiangjun didn’t have any worries at all.
She said whatever she wanted to say in her mind.

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She and her daughter had already left the Lu Family anyway.
What was there to be afraid of?

Besides, she and her daughter had suffered for so many years in the Lu family.
If she didn’t take the opportunity to get back on them, she truly wouldn’t deserve to be a mother, let alone protect her daughter in the future.

“Du Xiangjun, do you have to be so mean?

“Fangqing has already apologized to you humbly just now.
What else do you want?”

Seeing that Du Xiangjun was so disrespectful to him, Lu Bochuan, who was used to being domineering at home, immediately shouted at Du Xiangjun furiously with a deep voice.

He stared at Du Xiangjun fiercely with his eyes, as if he couldn’t wait to swallow her alive.

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Seeing Lu Bochuan take everything for granted, Du Xiangjun was enraged in her mind.
At the same time, she hated him to the extreme.

How did she go blind and fall for such a hypocritical and disgusting man back then?

Thinking about it now, she really wanted to slap her blind self back then fiercely!

Du Xiangjun sneered and was about to speak, but was interrupted by an obviously sarcastic voice.

“Ha, you really made it sound so reasonable.”

Lu Zijia walked out of the crowd and came to Du Xiangjun’s side.
After comforting her with a smile, she turned to Lu Bochuan.

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“According to what you said, you only need to apologize no matter what you did?

“If that’s the case… I’m sorry.
Slap, slap…”

Before she finished talking, Lu Zijia raised her hand without any warning and slapped Xia Fangqing’s face on her left and right.

The sound of the slaps was so loud that everyone present heard it clearly, which showed how much force Lu Zijia used.

As expected, in just two seconds, two clear handprints appeared on Xia Fangqing’s face.

“Argh… You…!”

After a while, Xia Fangqing covered her face and screamed while looking at Lu Zijia with vicious eyes.

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