Chapter 243: The Incident at Tang Family Treasure (5)

Lu Zijia smiled with her eyes curved.
“Nothing is impossible.
You just can’t think of it.”

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In fact, all-element spirit roots, which seemed to be useless spirit roots in the cultivation world, were indeed very useful for her.

If she didn’t have the thunder-element spirit root, she really wouldn’t be able to do anything to this evil spirit in front of her who talked nonsense.

Even though the evil spirit was shocked at the beginning, he soon calmed down a bit, because he sensed that the thunder power gathering on Lu Zijia’s palm didn’t seem to be as powerful as real thunderbolts, so he wasn’t so afraid.

“Ha! So what if you made lightning? You’re only using it to scare me! I want to see how powerful the lightning you made can be right now!”

The evil spirit that thought Lu Zijia tricked him sneered furiously out of embarrassment.

He immediately attacked Lu Zijia fiercely.
With that soaring viciousness, he apparently wanted to kill her.

Whether the opponent was strong or weak, Lu Zijia would never be careless when facing her enemy.

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Seeing the evil spirit rushing over, Lu Zijia didn’t attack the evil spirit with the lightning ball formed on her palm.
Instead, she directly slapped the lightning ball on herself, causing her body to be covered with lightning.

“Damn bitch!”

Seeing what Lu Zijia did, the evil spirit immediately shouted in anger, apparently quite enraged.

Lu Zijia didn’t care about his shout at all.
She switched from defending to attacking.
Each of her moves carried the power of lightning.

As the two of them fought, a huge gust of cold wind arose in the yard, making it sound like ghosts crying and wolves howling.

The evil spirit was instinctively afraid of lightning.
He didn’t dare to get close, so he could only choose to attack from afar.

And yet, Lu Zijia didn’t let him.
She approached him step by step, making the evil spirit even more furious and helpless at the same time.

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“Sizzle! Sizzle!”

As the resentment and dark energy in his body were devoured by the lightning again and again, the evil spirit was so enraged that it almost went crazy and its attacks became more and more fierce, as if he wanted to die together with Lu Zijia.

Feeling that the spiritual power in her body was depleting quickly, Lu Zijia frowned slightly without a trace.

If she continued to consume so much spiritual power in her body, she probably wouldn’t be able to hold on for long.

Thinking of this, Lu Zijia suddenly seemed to notice something and she glanced at the door of Tang Family Treasure.

And then, she curled her lips slightly.

“Xiao Hao, come in quickly.
I’m about to be beaten to death!”

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Lu Zijia used her spiritual power to send a message to Mu Yunhao, who had already pushed Mu Tianyan to the door of Tang Family Treasure.

Mu Yunhao, who was about to enter Tang Family Treasure: “…”


Sensing Mu Yunhao’s strange behavior, Mu Tianyan looked straight ahead and asked calmly.

After twitching the corners of his mouth, Mu Yunhao repeated what Lu Zijia said to him.

After hearing that, Mu Tianyan’s eyes glittered slightly and the corners of his mouth curled up a little.

He seemed to have found a way to keep her here.

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“Let’s go in.”

Mu Tianyan said in a good mood.

“Second Master, it’s not safe inside.
You should…”

Mu Yunhao thought to go in to help Lu Zijia himself.
Second Master couldn’t use his internal energy right now, so he wanted to persuade him not to go in.

However, before he finished talking, Mu Tianyan interrupted him firmly.
“Get in.”

Mu Yunhao knew that no one could persuade Mu Tianyan not to do what he had decided, so he could only push him inside in frustration.

After the two of them entered the yard of Tang Family Treasure, what they saw was Lu Zijia fighting fiercely with a cloud of black fog, and there were signs that Lu Zijia was at a disadvantage.

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