Chapter 242: The Incident at Tang Family Treasure (4)

Luo Ziyun subconsciously put her hand into her pocket.
When she pulled her hand out, what she saw was a jade pendant that had already shattered into pieces.

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The jade pendant did break, but they didn’t notice it.

The next second, the couple thought of their daughter, whom they asked not to come out of the room.

The two of them were anxious, but they didn’t dare to go to find their daughter rashly, fearing that they would attract the attention of that invisible evil spirit and hurt their daughter instead.

“Aren’t you afraid that you’ll be caught and punished in the eighteen levels of hell because of your sins?” Lu Zijia raised her eyebrows slightly and tried to scare this evil spirit.

This evil spirit absorbed a lot of grievances through the emeralds sold at Tang Family Treasure.

Besides, there seemed to be something in this evil spirit that was helping him absorb the grievances constantly and also protect the evil spirit from harm secretly.

If that thing only helped the evil spirit absorb the grievances, she still had a chance to fight against it.

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But now, that thing was protecting the evil spirit.
It was obviously helping the evil spirit cheat, alright?

Damn, Lu Zijia missed her friends from her previous life very much at this moment.

Unfortunately, they were all sealed in the Ancient Space right now.
This was simply problematic!

“Hm! You bitch, how dare you threaten me? I’ll send you to the eighteen levels of hell first!”

The evil spirit was enraged and it immediately dealt with Lu Zijia by itself.

Lu Zijia complained bitterly in her mind.
This deal was a bit of a loss.

However, she didn’t show it on the outside at all.
Her movements when she dealt with the evil spirit that was attacking fiercely weren’t hesitant at all.

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To avoid hurting Tang Mufeng and the others during the fight, Lu Zijia guided the evil spirit out of the building where they lived without a trace and went to the open space in the yard outside.

“Hm! No wonder you dare to shout at me.
You’re a bit better than that Taoist Master before.

“However, you also have to die!

“Don’t worry, since you’re pretty, I won’t let you die so easily.

The evil spirit laughed sinisterly.
Apparently, he had already treated Lu Zijia as his own.

Lu Zijia didn’t care about what the evil spirit said.

It was indeed not easy for her to take down this evil spirit, but it was impossible for the evil spirit to kill her.

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After all, she was the Master of Golden Core in her previous life.
How could she possibly not have any life-saving trump card?

If she didn’t have a life-saving card, she wouldn’t be dumb enough to come here to die on purpose.

She cherished her life very much.

“Ah, how did I forget? Evil spirits are most afraid of lightning.
You’ve said so many evil things.
If I don’t use lightning to teach you a lesson, I’ll feel sorry for myself!”

Lu Zijia suddenly remembered something.
She patted her head and pretended to be frustrated.

The evil spirit raised his head and looked at the night sky that had already turned dark with a lot of stars.
It immediately sneered.

“Lightning? You bitch, do you really think you’re a peerless Taoist Master who can ask Thor to come?”

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After the evil spirit killed a Taoist Master who wanted to take him in, he knew that Taoist Masters were divided into different levels.

There was almost no peerless Taoist Master who could get Thor or the messenger of Hell here.
And this bitch in front of him, who seemed to have just started her apprenticeship, definitely wouldn’t have such ability!

Lu Zijia blinked innocently and reached out her fair, slender hand.
“Who said you need Thor to create lightning?”

“You… You… Impossible!”

The evil spirit that was about to give Lu Zijia a fierce blow suddenly widened his eyes in disbelief when he saw a lightning ball formed gradually on Lu Zijia’s palm.

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