Chapter 237: The Second Master of the Mu Family Who Was Inexplicably in Low Spirits

It would take some time to cure Mu Tianyan completely.

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Instead of constantly testing each other, it was better to make things clear directly, so that both parties would feel more comfortable.

“You want to leave?”

Mu Tianyan’s voice suddenly became a bit cold and there was an inexplicable negativity coming from his body.

It was true that he didn’t believe Lu Zijia completely.
After all, the difference between Lu Zijia in front of him and the Lu Zijia he had investigated was too huge.
It was difficult for people not to suspect.

However, after getting along with her, he knew very well that with Lu Zijia’s personality, she would definitely not be a pawn in someone else’s hands.

Besides, he trusted his instincts, which told him that Lu Zijia in front of him wouldn’t be his enemy.

So, the possibility that she was sent by someone else to get close to him was very low, so low that it was almost impossible.

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However, he had always been cautious.
Even though he knew she wouldn’t be a pawn sent by someone else, he was always on guard.

“Where do you want to go?” Mu Tianyan asked again.

Lu Zijia only found his question very strange and she said in a natural tone, “Of course, my home.
My Mom is still waiting for me at home!”

Even though she had already asked Uncle He to send someone to protect Du Xiangjun, she was still a bit worried.

The time that she got maternal love in her previous life was too short.
Now that she got it another time undoubtedly, she certainly didn’t want to lose it.

So, she had to protect her mother, who looked weak in this life but could become strong for her daughter.

Mu Tianyan didn’t say anything more.
He looked out of the window with a cold look, seemingly in even lower spirits.

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She provoked him first and wanted to leave after he became interested in her? Don’t even think about it!

Noticing that Mu Tianyan was in low spirits and he didn’t seem to want to talk to her, Lu Zijia didn’t say anything more.
She had already said what she needed to say.

And at this moment, Mu Tianyan’s phone rang.

Mu Tianyan only glanced at the caller ID and threw the phone to Lu Zijia.

That action was truly not gentle at all!

Luckily, Lu Zijia reacted fast enough to raise her hand and grab the phone when it hit her.

Lu Zijia was about to ask Mu Tianyan why he gave her his phone.
She was not his secretary.

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But when she saw the caller ID, she understood why he threw the phone to her.

“Kid, I’m already on my way back.
If you rush me again, I’ll really smack your butt when I get back.”

As soon as Lu Zijia answered the call, she started threatening the five-year-old kid.

However, after hearing what Mu Ruishu said, Lu Zijia frowned tight unconsciously.

“Got it.
Give me twenty minutes.”

Lu Zijia said as she hung up.

“Stop the car.
Let me drive.”

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Lu Zijia said to Mu Yunhao, who was driving.

According to the report of the kid, Mu Ruishu, the members of the Tang family were almost overwhelmed.
She had to hurry back.

Hearing that, Mu Yunhao subconsciously looked at Mu Tianyan in the rear-view mirror of the car.

After seeing no objection in Mu Tianyan’s expression, he stopped the car.

Lu Zijia quickly got into the driver’s seat and Mu Yunhao directly moved to the passenger’s seat.

“Explain briefly how to drive this car first.”

Lu Zijia had just fastened her seatbelt when something suddenly came to her mind and she said to Mu Yunhao.

Mu Yunhao immediately widened his eyes in shock and fear.

Did he misunderstand what Madame said, or did she really mean what he understood?

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