forward and help them with the luggage.

Du Xiangjun knew who this guard was.
Normally he looked very fierce, and she assumed that he was not an easygoing man.

But it seemed that he was quite kind-hearted.

Well, you could never judge a person by his or her looks only.

Lu Zijia turned down the guard’s helping hand and scooped out the 100 bill from her pocket that she had prepared.

She found this note when she was packing a while ago.

“Thanks for your 100 yuan,” Lu Zijia said as she passed the note to him.

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The guard waved his hand, “It is okay, Miss Lu, no need to give it back to me.
100 isn’t much.”

Actually, 100 was a lot for the guard, but he thought that Lu Zijia and her mother must have left home without much and that they might not have much money with them.
So if the 100 yuan was helpful, then they should keep it.

He always remembered how Mrs.
Lu defended him when he first came to this post so that he was able to keep this job to the present day.

Therefore, even if what he offered was little, he would still do whatever he could to help them.

“I borrowed your money, so I need to give it back.”

Lu Zijia stuffed the note into his hands, paused, and said, “You are becoming a father soon, and it costs a great deal to raise a child.
100 isn’t much but if you keep on saving money, it will become increasingly enough for you to buy stuff.”

The guard got confused by her words.
He spilled out subconsciously.

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“What? But I haven’t got any children!”

He did expect to get a child soon, but he had been married for five years and nothing was happening to his wife’s belly.

Because of that, his parents started to have some negative opinions against his wife, which made him quite embarrassed and stuck between the two sides.

But even if that was the case, he had never thought about divorcing her or marrying anyone else.

Apart from the guard himself, even Du Xiangjun got quite confused.

She knew her daughter pretty well.
She barely spoke with people, and she never had any friends.
Why would she know that a guard at the gate was becoming a father soon?

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