Chapter 215: More Than One Person Was Responsible for the Fire Back Then (1)

Suppressing the panic in her heart, Liang Yuhua asked in confusion, “Why are you suddenly talking about him? Is he related to what happened to my husband?”

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Even though Zhao Ziteng didn’t say anything, he also had a confused look on his face.
Apparently, he didn’t understand why a villager of another village was suddenly involved.

Song Zixuan was only responsible for investigations and he wasn’t sure if it had something to do with Zhao Wentian, so he looked at Lu Zijia.

Facing the gazes from the few of them, Lu Zijia nodded.
“I’m not 100% sure yet, but I’m certain that there’s something to it.”

Hearing that, the mother and son of the Zhao family still wanted to ask something, but Lu Zijia didn’t give them the chance, but signaled Song Zixuan to continue talking about the information he got.

Seeing this, the mother and son of the Zhao family could only suppress the confusion in their minds and listen to Song Zixuan quietly.

“I’ve already said just now that Jiang Jinfu has been missing for 22 years.
Many people say that he did something shady and went into hiding.

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“Even Jiang Jinfu’s family thought so too.

“Because a few days before Jiang Jinfu went missing, he suddenly brought home a sum of money, saying that he won the lottery.

“But when he suddenly disappeared afterwards, his family thought that he might have stolen the money.”

Song Zixuan talked about the information he got one by one and also expressed his opinion.

“After I found out about this, I also thought that the money Jiang Jinfu got must have been stolen.

“Otherwise, how did Jiang Jinfu get that sum of money when he didn’t have a job and any income back then?

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“The possibility of him winning the lottery is very low.
I’ve already asked around.
No one knows where he won the prize.

“Besides, many people were curious about where he won the prize back then and intended to try their luck, but Jiang Jinfu sent them all away with ambiguous answers.”

“However, Jiang Jinfu’s family said that no one has ever come to their home for that money in the past two decades.

“They also tried to give the money to the cops, but the cops couldn’t figure out where the money came from, so they gave it back to Jiang Jinfu’s family.”

Speaking of this, Song Zixuan couldn’t help frowning.
“Jiang Jinfu has never appeared in these twenty years.
I think it’s more likely that he has died outside.”

After hearing what Song Zixuan said, Lu Zijia nodded slightly while pondering.

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Seeing her reaction, Song Zixuan couldn’t help but ask, “You asked me to investigate Jiang Jinfu.
Don’t tell me you think that Jiang Jinfu really set the fire back then?”

Suddenly, something seemed to come to Song Zixuan’s mind and his eyes brightened abruptly.
“If Jiang Jinfu really set the fire back then and the evil spirit is Zhao Hanlin, Zhao Hanlin must have gone to find Jiang Jinfu.

“As long as we find Jiang Jinfu, we’ll definitely be able to find Zhao Hanlin, this evil spirit!”

Song Zixuan said as he became more certain.
He felt that he finally guessed it right this time.

Unfortunately, Lu Zijia didn’t agree with his guess.

“So, if the fire back then was really set by Jiang Jinfu, why did Zhao Hanlin hurt Mr.
Zhao instead?

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“Is it really just a misunderstanding? Is it because of the relationship between Mr.
Zhao and Madam Qi?”

When Lu Zijia said this, she glanced at the mother and son of the Zhao family slightly.

It seemed that she wanted to see something from the expressions and reactions of the mother and son of the Zhao family.

As expected, the expressions of the mother and son of the Zhao family changed abruptly after hearing what Lu Zijia said.

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