Chapter 208: A Little Too Far (2)

Then, something seemed to come to Song Zixuan’s mind.
He wrapped his clothes around him and lowered his voice, asking sneakily, “Did you find that evil spirit?”

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Lu Zijia didn’t plan to explain to Song Zixuan about the Martial Artists, so she nodded at what he said.

Seeing Lu Zijia nod, Song Zixuan immediately froze and he glanced around carefully with his eyes.

“Then, where’s the evil spirit right now? He… He can’t be here, right?”

Song Zixuan pretended to be calm on the outside, but he couldn’t help swallowing.

Seeing that he was trying to pretend he wasn’t scared again, Lu Zijia smiled in a very evil way.
Oh, he’s right next to you.
Can’t you feel it?

“This can’t be.
He has his arm around your shoulder right now, asking you to play with him!”

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Lu Zijia said as she pointed to his right with her chin, indicating that the evil spirit was standing on his right.

When Song Zixuan heard that the evil spirit was right next to him, his body immediately stiffened even more.

When Song Zixuan heard that evil spirit even put his arm around his shoulder, he finally couldn’t help but turn pale and his body trembled uncontrollably.

People who didn’t know what happened would think that he was very cold!

“You… You…”

Song Zixuan turned his head to Lu Zijia like a robot.
That expression was simply indescribable!

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Lu Zijia blinked innocently and said kindly, “Me? What about me?”

Seeing that Lu Zijia was still pretending to be innocent, Song Zixuan really wanted to strangle her to death.

There was an evil spirit standing next to him.
Couldn’t she remind him earlier?

And damn, wasn’t this woman a Taoist Master? Shouldn’t she take down the evil spirit as soon as she saw it?

Now what? Was she going to stand there and watch him be harassed by the evil spirit?

F*ck! Would he be alright?

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While Song Zixuan was scared and furious in his mind, the mother and son of the Zhao family, who were gathering information among the villagers, immediately walked over quickly when they saw Lu Zijia.

“Zixuan, why do you look so pale? Are you feeling unwell?”

As soon as Liang Yuhua came over, she noticed that something was wrong with Song Zixuan and she immediately asked worriedly.

Song Zixuan came here together to help the Zhao family.
If something happened to Song Zixuan during this trip, how could she face her good friend? How could she face the Song family?

“Right, Zixuan, you look so pale.
I should take you to the hospital first.”

Zhao Ziteng was also worried.
He said as he was about to help Song Zixuan into the car and take him to the hospital.

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However, when he wanted to help Song Zixuan walk, he found that Song Zixuan’s entire body was so stiff, as if he had become a statue, not moving at all.

“Evil… Evil… Spirit… Quickly… Quickly… Run…”

Perhaps it was a psychological effect, but after knowing that an evil spirit was holding his arm at this moment, Song Zixuan felt that his right shoulder was very heavy, as if something was hanging on his arm and couldn’t get down.

Seeing the mother and son of the Zhao family, he got even more anxious in his mind.

He wanted to ask them to leave quickly, but unexpectedly, he stuttered and made the mother and son of the Zhao family dumbfounded.
Apparently, they didn’t understand what he meant.

“Zixuan, what are you talking about? Also, what’s wrong with you? Did something happen?”

Feeling that something was wrong with his body, Zhao Ziteng immediately became more worried and anxious.

He subconsciously looked at Lu Zijia, hoping to get an answer from her.

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