Chapter 197: The Mean Master Lu

After hearing that, Qi Anyan quickly checked her son’s pulse and heartbeat, but she still couldn’t rest assured and so she insisted on asking the doctor to check on him.

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Feeling helpless, Lu Zijia could only ask the doctor to come for her.

Ah, if she had known this would happen, she wouldn’t have opened the Third Eye for Zhao Hengliang so directly.

However, wasn’t that just a harmless ghost? Did he have to be so scared that he passed out?

This guy seems so tall and strong.
I can’t believe he’s so cowardly, really.

Lu Zijia watched the doctor check on Zhao Hengliang on the side as she pondered secretly in her mind.

The doctor soon came to a conclusion.

“Madam Qi, your son must have been too tired lately.
He’s now overwhelmed and has entered a deep sleep.

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“In his current condition, it’s better for us to wait for him to wake up naturally.
After all, it’ll affect his health if he doesn’t rest well.”

After listening to the doctor’s diagnosis, Qi Anyan was finally a bit relieved and she quickly thanked the doctor.

The medical personnel and the doctor worked together to carry Zhao Hengliang to another bed in the ward and left.

Lu Zijia looked at the bed where Zhao Hengliang was lying in and thought in her mind, “Will he pass out again immediately right after he wakes up?”

Thinking of that scene, it seemed to be quite fun.

Ahem, alright, she must admit that she was quite mean sometimes.

“Miss… Miss Lu, I’m really sorry about what happened just then.
I was rude.
Also, please don’t take what my son said just now personally.

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“I know that I can’t blame Sister Yuhua for misunderstanding us.
In fact, it’s all my fault.

“If it weren’t for my body being so disappointing, Wentian wouldn’t have come to help me so often and make people misunderstand us,” Qi Anyan tucked her son in and returned to her bed as she spoke to Lu Zijia apologetically with red eyes.

Without waiting for Lu Zijia to reply, she asked again right away a bit anxiously, “Miss Lu, did you say that you’re a Taoist Master?”

Lu Zijia, nodded.


Qi Anyan was delighted in her mind and she sounded even more desperate.
There was even a hint of hope in her eyes.
“So, Miss Lu, do people become ghosts when they die?

“I… I failed my husband.
I want to see him.
Miss Lu, can you please help me?”

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Lu Zijia’s eyebrows twitch.
Failed her husband? What did she mean? Why did she feel like things were getting more and more complicated?

However, no matter how complicated it was, she still had to continue her investigation.
After all, that involved five million yuan!

“There are indeed ghosts in this world, but not everyone turns into a ghost after dying.”

Lu Zijia explained briefly and asked right away, “Madam Qi, can you tell me why you said that you failed your husband?

“Also, it seems that you still haven’t answered my question just now.
If you really want to save Mr.
Zhao, tell me everything about the incident back then.”

“In fact, I’ll be honest with you, Madam Qi.
Zhao is haunted by an evil spirit right now.

“I came back here to find out who exactly the evil spirit that hurt Mr.
Zhao is.

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“As soon as I discover who that evil spirit is, I’ll be able to locate it.”

After pausing for a second, Lu Zijia sounded like she was talking with deep meaning.

“Besides, I guess that the evil spirit might be your husband, who passed away 20 years ago.

“As for why he would harm Mr.
Zhao, I’m not sure about the reason yet.
Of course, there’s a great possibility that it’s because you’ve been too close to Mr.

“That’s why your husband thought…”

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