Chapter 195: Going to Meet Qi Anyan (5)

Lu Zijia’s eyes glittered and she said in her mind, “Looks like the guess I made before was mostly right.”

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Murdering for money was how Zhao Wentian became rich.

Of course, investigation was still needed to see if Zhao Wentian really killed Zhao Hanlin.

After all, even though she saw that Zhao Wentian was carrying someone’s life on him, she couldn’t be sure who exactly was killed at his hands.

After pondering quickly in her mind, Lu Zijia asked, “So, did you tell the cops about this back then?”

If Qi Anyan had told the cops about this, those cops wouldn’t have concluded the fire as an accident so quickly.

After all, this suspicious point was too obvious.
It must be investigated first before drawing a conclusion.

As soon as Lu ZIjia asked this question, Qi Anyan finally couldn’t hold back her tears and started crying.

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Since Qi Anyan burst into tears without a warning, Lu Zijia was a little dumbfounded for a second.

Apparently, she had never thought that Qi Anyan would have such a huge reaction.
She truly could never be too careful.


The door of the ward was suddenly opened and Zhao Hengliang entered quickly with a worried look.

“Mom, what’s wrong? Did something happen?” Zhao Hengliang sized his mother up and made sure his mother was alright, then looked at Lu Zijia with a doubtful look.

There were only two people in the ward and his mother suddenly had a breakdown and burst into laughter.
Then, it must be because of the other person.

Thinking of this, there was gradually a hint of hostility in Zhao Hengliang’s eyes when he looked at Lu Zijia.

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Lu Zijia, who had been watching the changes of his reaction since the beginning: “…”

In fact, she really felt a bit wronged…

“You didn’t come on behalf of Uncle Zhao.
You came on behalf of Aunt Zhao, did you?”

Zhao Hengliang sounded a bit angry.
“My Mom and I have already explained to Aunt Zhao so many times.

“My Mom and Uncle Zhao are simply classmates and friends from the same village.
It’s not like what those people outside think at all.
Please go back and ask Aunt Zhao not to think too much!

“If she still doesn’t believe it, don’t worry, I’m already capable now and I can take good care of my mother.

“When my Mom is discharged, I’ll leave with her and we’ll stay far from Zhao Village and the capital.
We won’t let Uncle Zhao find us again in the future.

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“Then, Aunt Zhao will be able to rest assured, right?”

In fact, Zhao Hengliang also knew that he should be grateful for every person in Uncle Zhao’s family.

And yet, he had heard countless people talk about unbearable rumors about his mother since he was small.

And those rumors were spread on purpose by someone that Aunt Zhao sent.

He saw it with his own eyes and heard it himself back then.

So, he really couldn’t be thankful for Aunt Zhao and even felt a bit resentful towards her.

Because if Aunt Zhao didn’t ask someone to make those rumors intentionally, his mother wouldn’t be judged by other people every time she went out.

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In the end, his mother would rather not head out if not necessary and stayed at home all day.
In such an environment, it would be weird if his mother could get well.

Looking at Zhao Hengliang who was hostile towards her, Lu Zijia raised her eyebrows in shock.

“Has Madam Zhao come to see both of you many times these years?”

If what Zhao Hengliang said was real, were the mother and son of the Zhao family still keeping something from her?

Thinking of this, Lu Zijia squinted slightly and her dark eyes were dull and unclear.

Hearing that Lu Zijia was truly shocked and her confused look didn’t seem to be fake, they couldn’t help feeling a bit hesitant.

“You didn’t know?”

Lu Zijia found it funny and she asked, “Why would I know?”

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