Chapter 193: Going to Meet Qi Anyan (3)

When Zhao Hanlin passed away, Zhao Hengliang was only around one year old, so he certainly had no memory of his father.

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Even though he knew something about his father, he heard it from his mother.

However, that was just from his mother after all.
There was no memory of his father in his mind.

So, he certainly had no deep feelings for his father, who had already passed away a long time ago.

And yet, he was very close to Zhao Wentian, this uncle who had been helping him and his mother for so many years.

It could be said that Zhao Hengliang had been treating and respecting Zhao Wentian like his birth father.

He could be alive and have a bite of hot rice and study only because of Zhao Wentian’s help.

To be honest, without Zhao Wentian, the two of them would have been dead a long time ago.

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So, no matter what Zhao Wentian wanted him to help with in the future, he would definitely not reject him.

The sincerity of Qi Anyan and Zhao Hengliang made Lu Zijia exclaim secretly in her mind, “Destiny makes fools of people.”

However, she acted like she was in a difficult position on the outside.

“I’m afraid I can’t help you with that.

“Because even if I’m willing to help you persuade Mr.
Zhao, he may not be able to hear me right now.”

Qi Anyan and her son immediately noticed that something was wrong after hearing that and Qi Anyan quickly asked, “Miss Lu, did something happen to Wentian?”

Lu Zijia didn’t deny it.
She directly said honestly, “Something did happen to Mr.
A few days ago, he suddenly went into a coma and he still hadn’t woken up until now.”

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“What? Uncle Zhao is in a coma!”

Zhao Hengliang looked shocked and his eyes were full of anxiety.
Even Qi Anyan was no exception.

“What… What happened? Wentian was fine before.
How did he suddenly go into a coma?”

Qi Anyan was no less worried than her son.
She even panicked for a second after hearing the news.

“I’ll be honest with you two.
This happened to Mr.
Zhao because of his trip back to his hometown.

“That’s why I was entrusted by the Zhao family to come here for an investigation.”

Lu Zijia was very good at deceiving people.
Nobody could see if what she said was real at all.

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However, not everything she said was fake, wasn’t it?

“Something happened to him after his trip to his hometown? So, Wentian is in a coma because of me?”

Qi Anyan got the main point and her eyes immediately turned red.
That guilty look was a bit unbearable to look at.

“Mom, don’t think like that.
Uncle Zhao, he… he just…”

Zhao Hengliang wanted to comfort his mother, but he didn’t know how for a second.

Because Zhao Wentian indeed rushed back to his hometown after receiving the news that something happened to his mother.

“I did this to him.
I did this to him!”

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Qi Anyan immediately burst into tears.
She thumped her chest with one hand and her words were full of guilt and regret.


Zhao Hengliang hugged his mother and his eyes couldn’t help turning red.

Lu Zijia kept watching the changes of the expressions of both of them.
They didn’t seem to be faking their reactions, so she also confirmed that the mother and son should have nothing to do with what happened to Zhao Wentian.

After having a judgement, Lu Zijia said, “Don’t worry, Mr.
Zhao can still be saved.

“However, I need your cooperation, Madam Qi.”

Hearing that Zhao Wentian could still be saved, Qi Anyan and her son immediately looked at Lu Zijia full of hope.

Qi Anyan even nodded constantly.

“I’ll cooperate, I’ll cooperate.
I’m willing to do anything, as long as I can save Wentian.”

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