“Lu Bochuan, Jia is your own daughter, how could you…”

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“Yes, she is the daughter of the Lu Family.
So, as the elder man in the Lu Family, I am going to teach her a lesson today in case she makes an even bigger mistake.”

Before Du Xiangjun was able to finish her words, Old Master Lu interrupted her as his face sank.
He sounded rather displeased.

“We would not be so nosy as to help you educate your daughter if she were not part of the family.”

“Xiangju, I am telling you the truth right here, and don’t blame me for being so fierce.
Your daughter is unruly only because you, the mother, have spoiled her!”

What Old Master Lu said was apparently blaming Du Xiangjun for being not capable of educating children.


Du Xiangjun was pretty aware that Old Master Lu did not like them.
But she could not help but get so furious that her eyes turned red.

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She was not capable of educating her daughter? But when did Lu Bochuan, the father, ever educate his daughter?


During the past few years, he barely spent time with them, let alone have a meal together.

Old Master Lu had knowledge of all of this.

But Old Master Lu, who knew that his son had made mistakes, never blamed him for his behavior.
Instead, he was telling her to stay open-minded.

But she was a well-educated person since childhood.
So she had not started a fight with the Old Master.

“Enough! You are her mother, after all.
You can stand here and listen.
If you don’t want to, then get back to your room.”

“Jia has to tell the family what is going on.
Spill it, where did you go last night? Why were you not at home?”

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Old Master Lu was talking to Du Xiangjun and then to Lu Zijia.

Du Xiangjun could have started a fight with Lu Bochuan if Lu Bochuan had been the person interrogating.

But it was Old Master Lu who had made the inquiry.
She, a well-educated woman, would not start a fight with the elder in the family.

“Dad…” Du Xiangjun looked twisted, trying to help her daughter out.

However, before she was able to say anything, Old Master Lu’s warning was heard, “One more word, and the servants will take you to the room.”

Du Xiangjun instantly became pale and looked very nervous, but she fell silent anyway.

“Don’t be mad, Grandpa, sister might have forgotten to come home because she had too much fun.”

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At this moment, Lu Wanyuan came to Old Master Lu’s side, trying to console Old Master Lu like an obedient girl.

Thanks to Lu Wanyuan’s “kind words”, Old Master Lu became even more furious.
He glared at Lu Zijia and struck the table furiously, bellowing loudly, “Tell me now! Where were you last night?”

The original host would have turned pale at the sight of Old Master Lu’s furious look.

But Lu Zijia did not take Old Master Lu’s anger as something serious.

“You know where I was last night.”

“If you want to get something profitable from the Mu Family, you better pray that I am safe and sound.”

“Otherwise, everything you have planned will have been in vain if anything happens to me.”

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Lu Zijia did not intend to hide anything from them and spoke straightforwardly.

Apart from Du Xiangjun, everyone else had a complicated expression on their faces.

Suddenly, Lu Zijia threw a half-smile look upon Lu Bochuan and said meaningfully, “And, congratulations, you are getting payback.”

Lu Zijia stressed the word “payback”, which could only get through when heard carefully.

As for why she suddenly said such a thing….

Well, that was only because she had told from Lu Bochuan’s face that he had been involved with an affair, a very serious one.

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