Chapter 188: Suspicious Points of the Incident (6)

It wasn’t that Liang Yuhua hadn’t thought about cooking herself, but after burning things a few times, her son didn’t let her do it anymore.

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“Have you eaten? Come and join me?”

Lu Zijia invited the mother and son of the Zhao family when she saw that they were still standing there.

“No, we’ve already had breakfast.
These are for you, master,” Zhao Ziteng replied.

In fact, the two of them hadn’t got much appetite.
They only ate a little for breakfast, leaving most of the food unfinished.

Hearing that, Lu Zijia didn’t insist either, but…

“Do you have something to say?”

Lu Zijia ate the buns as she looked at the mother and son of the Zhao family, who wanted to say something but didn’t.

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Although she didn’t mind people’s gazes, she still felt a bit uncomfortable when they stood right in front of her and stared at her when she ate.

The mother and son of the Zhao family realized that they were staring at her as she had breakfast and they couldn’t help feeling a bit embarrassed.

However, Zhao Ziteng still answered her, “Yes.
Master, you told me to ask around about that skeleton yesterday.
I’ve already done that.”

“Oh? So, you know who that is?” Lu Zijia asked in a slightly surprised tone.

It was only seven and Zhao Ziteng had already returned after asking around.
This showed that he still loved his father, even though he hated him a bit in his mind.

Zhao Ziteng shook his head.

“I’ve already asked everyone in the village, but nobody knows who that skeleton belongs to.

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“Oh right, I heard something else.
The body of that woman’s husband was burnt completely in the fire and not even a skeleton was left.

“So, I’m certain that the skeleton can’t be the skeleton of that woman’s husband.”

The woman that Zhao Ziteng mentioned was certainly referring to Qi Anyan.

Lu Zijia stopped eating the buns and nodded gently after a while.

“Okay, I’ll head out later.
Remember, you must not leave Zhao Village.

“At least don’t leave Zhao Village by yourselves when I’m not here, alright?”

Even though the mother and son of the Zhao family were anxious in their minds, they trusted Lu Zijia and quickly agreed.

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After finishing breakfast, Lu Zijia left the Lu family as expected.

The destination she was rushing to was the mountain behind Zhao Village where the villagers found the skeleton.

Lu Zijia walked towards the location that Zhao Ziteng gave her.
She went to a more remote area, not seeing a single person along the way.

After reaching the destination, Lu Zijia frowned tight unconsciously because the traces of Martial Artists fighting were too obvious.
They completely ruined the scene.

The trickiest part was that several pits were blasted at the scene, so Lu Zijia couldn’t tell which of them was the one where the skeleton was buried.

In fact, if the skeleton belonged to that evil spirit, it would definitely have the same aura.

Even if the skeleton was taken away, the pit where it was buried for so many years would also have a hint of dark energy and resentment.

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And yet, those bastard Martial Artists didn’t only destroy the scene completely, but the aura left by that skeleton was also gone.

That was truly irritating!

At this moment, Lu Zijia really had the impulse to beat those bastard Martial Artists up one by one.

However, even though she had such a thought, she knew that saving Zhao Wentian’s life was the most important thing right now.
She should put aside the idea of beating those bastard Martial Artists up first!

Lu Zijia didn’t give up and went around again once but still didn’t discover anything.
So, she could only go down the mountain and head to the next destination.

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