Chapter 183: Suspicious Points of the Incident (1)

Even though Liang Yuhua had no idea why Lu Zijia asked this question, she still answered her honestly, “A female classmate, who was married to someone in Zhao Village, suddenly got very sick.

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“After getting the news, my husband immediately went back to the hometown that day and even paid the surgery fee for her.
The surgery of that female classmate was successful and she’s still staying at the hospital right now.

“If I had known this would happen, I would have come back with my husband back then.”

Liang Yuhua couldn’t help but feel frustrated.
At the same time, she also felt bad in her mind.

She didn’t know that starting from when, her husband would immediately go back to his hometown to help that female classmate as soon as he knew something happened to her.

And now, it was even likely that he was haunted by something dirty because of that female classmate, which gave Liang Yuhua a bit of resentment in her mind.

However, she didn’t know if she should hate her husband or that female classmate.

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Because she knew clearly that her husband was the one who insisted on helping that female classmate.

Even though that female classmate had rejected her husband many times, he never got tired of running to help.

If she didn’t know that there was nothing between her husband and that female classmate, she would have suspected their relationship.

“Mom, stop blaming yourself.
I believe that Dad wouldn’t want to see you like this either,” Zhao Ziteng comforted her.

He also knew that his father always ran back to his hometown to help another woman.

He even tried to persuade his father not to let his mother misunderstand him.

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And yet, his father didn’t listen to him and asked him not to talk about it again.

That day, it was the first time his father got angry at him, only because of an outsider.

Lu Zijia narrowed her eyes slightly, as if she was thinking about something.
She then asked right away, “A female classmate? Can you tell me about that female classmate?”

Zhao Ziteng’s expression changed and there was obvious hatred in his tone.

“Master, is that female classmate the reason why my father is like this now?”

Zhao Ziteng somewhat felt a bit resentful towards his father’s female classmate because there were many times his father left his whole family behind due to that female classmate, and things he promised suddenly changed because of an outsider.

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Knowing that the female classmate was very likely to be the person who hurt his father, the resentment towards that female classmate in his mind immediately surged to the extreme right now.

Lu Zijia glanced at him.

“Calm down, I’m just asking.
I don’t know the truth at the moment either.

“That evil spirit should have left the area of Zhao Village temporarily after feeling threatened.
I’ll only have the chance to find out the truth when I catch the evil spirit.”

That evil spirit felt threatened probably because of those Martial Artists, who suddenly showed up in Zhao Village.

As long as those Martial Artists stayed in Zhao Village, that evil spirit wouldn’t dare to return easily.

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So, there was only one way to find the evil spirit.
She had to take the initiative to look for it.

However, it wasn’t easy to find the evil spirit under the circumstance that she only knew its aura.

After all, she had limited ability right now and the area her deity-sense could cover wasn’t quite large enough.

If she was too far from that evil spirit, it was impossible for her to feel it.

So, the first thing she must do was to find out where the evil spirit came from and its identity.

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