“Lu Wanyuan!”

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Du Xiangjun pulled her daughter behind her and glared at Lu Wanyuan with an angry expression.
She was warning her.

She was just like a mother wolf that was defending her babies.

She was going to kill anyone who was trying to hurt her child!

Du Xiangjun was not a dumb woman and was very sensitive too.
She certainly understood that Lu Wanyuan was trying to stain her daughter’s name and provoke the relationship between her daughter and the rest of the family.


As she thought about this, Du Xiangjun threw an even more resentful look upon Lu Wanyuan.

Damn mistress, shame on her! She was not only bullying her but also making Lu Wanyuan bully her daughter.
They had gone too far!

Lu Wanyuan looked as if she was frightened by Du Xiangjun’s behavior.
She showed a startled look and lowered her head.

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At this point, a middle-aged man’s furious voice arose from the sofa not faraway.

“Enough, get here now!”

Du Xiangjun became startled and her grip on her daughter tightened.

Sensing her changed behavior, Lu Zijia gripped her mother’s hand and smiled, telling her that she was doing fine.

Du Xiangjun was not feeling very well inside her heart, but she still forced a consolating smile for her daughter.


“Don’t worry, Jia, I will make sure you are safe and sound.”


Shielded by Du Xiangjun, Lu Zijia walked with the nervous mother and went to the center of the hall.

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Right there sat a middle-aged man and an elderly man in his 70s.

These two men were Lu Bochuan, the father of the original host and Lu Tao, the grandpa.
Neither of them liked the original host that much.

“Spill it.
Why didn’t you come home last night? And what are you doing here dressed in pajamas? Have you ever considered the Lu Family’s reputation?”

“Shame on you! I feel so ashamed of you! You are the rebel who has completely ruined the face of the Lu Family!”

Lu Bochuan looked so furious that it was as if he truly had no idea why Lu Zijia was absent the night before.

The Old Master of Lu was silent.
He threw a disdainful look at Lu Zijia with his sharp eyes.

Apparently, he was showing that he did not like this feeble, minor and adorable granddaughter of his.

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“Lu Bochuan, stop slandering my daughter! You are the one who ruined the Lu Family’s reputation, and now you are blaming it all to my daughter?”

“Lu Bochuan, are you a man or not?!”

What Du Xiangjun was referring to was naturally Lu Bochuan’s affair and his shameless decision of bringing a love-child home.

At the beginning, Du Xiangjun did love Lu Bochuan; otherwise, she would not have married him against her family’s will.

But when she learned that Lu Bochuan had had an affair and fathered a daughter older than her own, she totally lost the little remaining love of him she had.

The reason why she was not divorcing him was because she was reluctant to give her position to the mistress, making the terrible couple legal.


The most important thing, however, was that she intended to help her girl get whatever she deserved to get.

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Also, she was too ashamed to return to her own family.
But apart from her own family, she truly had nowhere else to go.

Thus, she decided to keep on fighting with this bitchy couple and the mistress’s children.

“Bah, Du Xiangjun, you rude bitch.
You have no say in anything.
Get back to your own room, now!”

Lu Bochuan struck the table furiously.
He glared at her as if he was going to swallow her up.

During the past few years, Du Xiangjun had been beaten by Lu Bochuan numerous times.
She could not help but feel a little scared at the sight of his angry face.

But for her own daughter, she tried to calm herself down and stood motionlessly, refusing to take a step back.


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