Chapter 166: Master Lu Who Never Forgets to Sell Talismans

Lu Zijia was a cultivator, so her vision wasn’t affected even in the dark.

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She stood in front of the old house of the Zhao family and didn’t enter in a hurry.
Instead, she looked up and sized it up.

She felt a familiar aura inside this old two-story house.

That aura was the same as the marking imprinted on Zhao Wentian’s body, and the old house was still full of strong dark energy and resentment.
Apparently, the evil spirit had stayed here for quite a long time.

Yes, it was an evil spirit.
Lu Zijia had already confirmed that.

However, if that evil spirit had imprinted Zhao Wentian, it should know that Zhao Wentian was still alive.
The evil spirit hated Zhao Wentian so much.
Why did it leave?

Right, the evil spirit in the old mansion of the Zhao family had left, leaving a house full of strong dark energy and resentment.

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“Master, is there something wrong with our family mansion?”

Seeing Lu Zijia stand at the door and not go in after a long time, Liang Yuhua asked her anxiously.

Lu Zijia glanced at Liang Yuhua, who had a pale face and a tight body.
In the end, she didn’t tell Liang Yuhua that the evil spirit that wanted Zhao Wentian’s life had stayed in this old house.

“Nothing, it’s just that there’s dark energy inside the house.
It can be removed by using a few talismans,” Lu Zijia said as she took out several talismans she prepared out of nowhere and threw them into the house.

“Whoosh! Whoosh, whoosh!”

After the talismans were thrown into the house, they immediately ignited and became small fires, then flew around the two-story building swiftly as if they were alive.

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This scene only lasted for less than three seconds.
If Liang Yuhua and her son hadn’t believed what Lu Zijia was capable of already, they would have thought they saw it wrong!

“I can’t take care of you all the time.
You need to be a bit more alert as well.

“If you want to have a guarantee, you can buy a Blessing Talisman and carry it with you.
Then, it won’t be a problem for you to avoid ordinary evil spirits and small disasters,” Lu Zijia said as she took out a few Blessing Talismans and said to the mother and son of the Zhao family with a smile, “100,000 yuan for a Blessing Talisman.
Do you want some?”

Song Zixuan behind her: “…”

This woman really never forgot to sell her talismans!

What Lu Zijia did that was out of common sense made the mother and son of the Zhao family shocked.

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“Yes, we’ll take all of them.
Thank you, master.”

Liang Yuhua directly bought them without thinking too much.

She even took out her phone immediately and transferred five hundred thousand to Lu Zijia.

After witnessing the “wonder” of the talismans just now, Zhao Ziteng didn’t disagree with what his mother did at all.

Buying five talismans at once, Liang Yuhua wasn’t stingy at all.
After keeping one each for herself and her son, she gave Song Zixuan and each of the two bodyguards, who came with them, one as well.

Song Zixuan didn’t reject it either.
Even though many of Lu Zijia’s practices were a bit unreliable, her abilities were real.

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It wouldn’t do any harm to him to have more protection.

After making five hundred thousand yuan, Lu Zijia was in a pretty good mood.
While she was about to walk into the old house of the Zhao family, she suddenly felt a few other energy waves far away.

“I’m going out for a bit.
Stay inside the house.
Don’t walk outside.
Wait for me to come back if anything happens.”

After leaving these words, Lu Zijia’s body suddenly disappeared in front of the few people.

They couldn’t even see an afterimage.

Seeing that the living person in front of her disappear all of a sudden with her own eyes, Liang Yuhua’s jaw dropped slightly and her eyes even popped out, looking like she was completely stunned.

Let alone Liang Yuhua, even Song Zixuan and the other men were startled.

If they weren’t sure that Lu Zijia was someone well and alive, they would have thought that they saw a ghost.

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