Chapter 163: Asking Uncle He to Do Two Things

After remembering the aura of the marking, Lu Zijia waved her hand as the black fog immediately disappeared.

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“Master, were… were you really holding something in your hand?” Zhao Kexin, who found it unbelievable, directly asked without any concern.

She had always been very interested in new things and was also bolder.

After being shocked at first, she soon showed an emotional, excited look.

This showed that her acceptance was much better than that of her brother, Zhao Ziteng, and her mother, Liang Yuhua.

Seeing how thrilled she was, Lu Zijia couldn’t help but feel a bit surprised.
Normal people should feel scared when they saw a scene they couldn’t understand.

However, the reaction of Miss Zhao in front of her was a bit different from that of normal people.

This could be seen that she was either bolder or had a bigger heart.

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“Yes, it’s a marking,” Lu Zijia directly answered the question without hiding anything.

“A marking?”

Zhao Kexin was confused and curious at the same time.

Lu Zijia nodded.

“Hm, Mr.
Zhao was imprinted.
It should be something that happened about a week ago.”

Before Zhao Kexin asked out of curiosity again, Lu Zijia said first, as if she knew what Zhao Kexin would ask, “I have no idea who imprinted Mr.

“Again, I still need to go to Mr.
Zhao’s hometown to have a look at the situation there before I can save him.”

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After hearing that, Liang Yuhua, who collected herself from the shock, quickly asked, “So, master, when should we go there?”

In fact, Liang Yuhua wanted to go back to their hometown immediately.
After all, her husband had just three days left.

And yet, this matter depended on Lu Zijia, so she should certainly decide when they were leaving.

Lu Zijia also knew that it was urgent, so she directly said, “I can set off after dropping by my house.”

Lu Zijia’s answer made the members of the Zhao family extremely grateful.
Liang Yuhua even called the driver and asked him to prepare a car right away.

“Right, if someone has to stay here to take care of Mr.
Zhao, let Miss Zhao do it!

“Miss Zhao has a pure mind and she won’t be influenced by dark energy and resentment easily.
She is the most suitable person,” Lu Zijia suggested before leaving.

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If someone else stayed, she was afraid that there might be some emergencies.
If Zhao Wentian was dead, it would be a waste of time, even if she helped them deal with the matter in the Zhao family’s hometown.

So, just in case.

Liang Yuhua and Zhao Ziteng were both very willing to follow Lu Zijia’s suggestion.

Even though Zhao Kexin wanted to follow them back to her hometown, she could only stay obediently after thinking that the person in the hospital bed was her father.

Apart from packing up, Lu Zijia also wanted to ask Uncle He to help her with two things when she said she had to drop by her home.

Hearing that Lu Zijia wanted him to help her with something, Uncle He immediately agreed without hesitation and even looked very happy to do so.

However, after hearing the two things Lu Zijia talked about, Uncle He only found the second one a bit strange.

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First, Madame asked him to take care of Madam Du’s safety, which he could understand.

After all, he knew that Madame and her mother had completely fallen out with the Lu family.

But the second thing…

Uncle He looked at the few unfolded talismans in his hands.
He couldn’t help but feel confused in his mind as he also asked at the same time, “Madame, are these really talismans? And how should I use them?”

Due to Mu Ruishu’s health, Uncle He had interacted with Taoist Masters and he had seen that the talismans brought by those Taoist Masters were all folded into triangles.

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