Chapter 153: Died Once and Survived

“Stop playing mind games.
The schemes of you and your mother aren’t worth mentioning in front of me at all.

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“I let you run wild before only under the premise that you didn’t harm the interests of the Lu family.
You’re harming the Lu family’s interests and I can’t let you fool around again!”

What Old Master Lu said gave Lu Wanyuan no place to stand, like all her clothes were being taken off.

For so many years, she and her mother thought their little actions were very secretive.

After Old Master Lu exposed their ugly side in front of everyone right now, she finally realized how ridiculous she and her mother were throughout so many years.

In her grandpa’s eyes, she and her mother must be like two clowns!

Such a realization gave Lu Wanyuan chills in her heart, and her face was green and pale at the same time.

“Grandpa, I…” Lu Wanyuan spoke and tried to explain for herself and her mother, but Old Master Lu didn’t give her a chance at all.

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“That’s enough.
I don’t want to know what the both of you are planning to do.
I just want to ask you, how much exactly do you know about Lu Zijia?

“And the incident that happened on Lingde Street before.
I want the truth!”

The last thing he said was full of warnings.
Apparently, he was warning Lu Wanyuan not to play mind games.

Otherwise, she would suffer for a while.

Coming to this point, how would Lu Wanyuan dare to deceive Old Master Lu unless she didn’t want to stay in the Lu family anymore?

So, she told him everything about Lu Zijia’s sudden changes and what happened on Lingde Street.

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In the car.

“Darling, how did you know that I was in the Lu family?” Du Xiangjun asked her daughter out of curiosity.

She always felt like she hadn’t been able to understand her daughter ever since what happened a few days ago.

However, she was still gratified and happy when she saw how confident her daughter was.

Let alone Du Xiangjun, Song Zixuan was also curious about this question.

So, he listened carefully as he drove.

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Lu Zijia knew that as she revealed all her abilities, she wouldn’t be able to hide the truth anymore.

So, she could only find a reasonable source for these abilities.

“Mom, would you believe me if I tell you I died once when Ye Nambo tricked me out that day and survived after getting a master’s inheritance?”

Then, she couldn’t be considered lying, right?

After all, the original host was truly dead.

It was just that she was the one who survived.

Du Xiangjun looked shocked as she opened her mouth.
She seemed to be so surprised that she couldn’t speak for a second.

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But after a while, her eyes quickly turned red.

“I believe you.
I believe whatever you say, darling,” Du Xiangjun, who finally calmed herself, held her daughter tightly in her arms and said with a crying voice.

“I’m sorry, darling.
It’s my fault.
If I divorced Lu Bochuan, that animal, earlier, you wouldn’t have suffered so much.
I almost… I almost lost you.

“I’m sorry, darling, I’m sorry.
It won’t happen again.
I won’t let anyone bully you again.
I promise!”

Du Xiangjun used to be a strong woman before she married Lu Bochuan.
However, after being in the Lu family for a decade, her power was smoothed out.

After knowing that the Lu family sent her daughter to Mu Tianyan’s bed without caring about her life, the strong personality she used to have revived again.

Du Xiangjun, who had restored her strong personality, was no longer the Du Xiangjun who had been played around by the Lu family for so many years.

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