1498 Cheng Su’er’s Revenge (2)


Cheng Su’er suddenly got up and sized up Cheng Zhong.
“If you really miss me, Father, why didn’t you send someone to look for me after I went missing? Father is the lord of a city.
It should be easy to send a few people to find him, right?”

Without waiting for Cheng Zhong to explain, Cheng Su’er continued, “Father probably won’t say that you don’t know about my disappearance, right? After all, the entire Zhuang Prefectural City is under your management.
If you don’t even know that your daughter is missing, how are you going to manage such a huge city?”

Cheng Su’er’s words were obviously blocking Cheng Zhong’s way out, making him unable to quibble.

“I did know about Madam Su’s disappearance,” Cheng Zhong gritted his teeth and admitted it, because once he denied it, Cheng Su’er might seize the excuse that he couldn’t manage a city and ask the eldest prince to remove his position as the City Lord.

At this moment, Cheng Zhong only regretted not strangling Cheng Su’er, this unfilial daughter who only ruined his reputation, to death a year ago!

“However, the Lu family told me confidently that Madam Su lost her footing and fell off the cliff.
Besides, the bottom of the cliff is a bottomless abyss and is full of danger.
I’m really powerless.”

Cheng Zhong looked extremely guilty and even dragged the Lu family down with him to suffer Cheng Su’er’s revenge.


Cheng Su’er suddenly slapped Cheng Zhong, her dark eyes full of hatred.
“So, Father gave up on me without even trying, right?”

Being slapped in the face by his concubine’s daughter, Cheng Zhong’s face instantly darkened and he wanted to slap her back.
“You unfilial daughter!”

However, Cheng Su’er’s maidservant grabbed his wrist, he couldn’t move at all.

“City Lord, aren’t you too presumptuous? You don’t even take the wife of the eldest prince seriously!” The maid questioned Cheng Zhong sternly with an expressionless face.

Sensing that the maid’s cultivation level was above his, Cheng Zhong’s face immediately darkened even more.

“I’m sorry!” Cheng Zhong suppressed his overwhelming anger and lowered his head to Cheng Su’er again.

“City Lord, it’s good that you really know your mistake.”

The maid glanced at him coldly, apparently dissatisfied with his attitude of apologizing.

“Madam Su, I’m your biological father.
Don’t go too far!” Cheng Zhong finally couldn’t take it anymore.
He didn’t dare to go against the maidservant who was stronger than him, so he turned to glare at Cheng Su’er.

Cheng Su’er didn’t say anything with a cold face, but she gave the maid a look.

Slap! Slap! Slap!

The maid who received Cheng Su’er’s decree didn’t give Cheng Zhong and the others a chance to react at all.
She quickly moved her position and gave each of them a loud slap.

The maid didn’t show any mercy.
The faces of Cheng Zhong and the others quickly became red and swollen.

Cheng Xin’er, who had the weakest cultivation level, even lost her balance and fell to the ground.

The City Lord’s wife ignored the burning pain on her face and squatted down anxiously to check on her daughter.

“Mother, I’m fine.”

Seeing that her mother looked anxious and even her eyes were red, Cheng Xin’er ignored the half of her face that was already numb from the pain and wanted to put on a smile, indicating that her mother didn’t have to worry.

However, the left side of her face was already completely numb from the slap, and the smile on her face was very forced.

Cheng Xin’er still wanted to say something to comfort her mother, but the spiritual power in her body suddenly surged.


Unable to suppress the violent spiritual power in her body, Cheng Xin’er suddenly spat out a mouthful of blood and fainted the next moment.


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