Hearing the sound outside approaching her, Lu Zijia quickly stuffed one of the Qingling Magica Fruits into her mouth.

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The Qingling Magica Fruit might not help to relieve the drug inside her body, but at least it could calm her down.
At this moment, she had to use every possible method she could.

After all, she was not able to leave the room, let alone visit the hospital.


Before Lu Zijia was able to take the second Qingling Magica Fruit, the door of the bathroom was pushed open all of a sudden.

The moment the door opened, Lu Zijia instantly put the remaining Fruit into the space.

Mu Tianyan entered the bathroom in the wheelchair and spotted Lu Zijia, who was red all over her body.
It was as if she was about to explode and die at any second.

Lu Zijia’s eyes were filled with blood, making her quite scary at first sight.

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“Come out,” Mu Tianyan said to her coldly and left the bathroom after one glance.

Lu Zijia frowned.
Thanks to the Qingling Magica Fruit, she regained some consciousness and started to try to figure out what Mu Tianyan intended to do.

She did not come up with any answers after thinking about it for a long while.

But she was certain that Mu Tianyan did not intend to kill her at the moment.

A short while later, Lu Zijia finally tried to stand up with her hands against the edge of the bathtub.

When she eventually brought herself out of the bathtub and passed the mirror in the bathroom, Lu Zijia surprisedly found that her dress had become quite see-through after being soaked in water!

Soon she thought of how Mu Tianyan had tossed that blanket at her.
Now Lu Zijia started to flush even more heatedly.
She almost burst out in anger!

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Had she been seen by a man?

Oh well….
not really.

After all, the three important parts of her body were tightly covered up by her small underwear…

Lu Zijia’s face sank again, but soon she regained her composure.

She was a broad-minded person and could forgive that man because he had tossed her the blanket to cover herself up instead of trying to see her intentionally.

After putting the blanket over herself, Lu Zijia started to move outwards with her hands against the wall.

She felt increasingly worse with each step she took, and the heat inside her got increasingly powerful.

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Mu Tianyan looked obviously annoyed when he saw Lu Zijia following him out at a slow speed.

But instead of saying anything more, he tossed Lu Zijia a small bottle.

Lu Zijia reflectively raised her hand but failed to catch the bottle, even if her hand touched it.
She was way too feeble at the moment.

However, the thick carpet on the floor kept the bottle intact after it fell onto the ground.

“What is it?”

Lu Zijia threw herself onto the floor, picked up the bottle, and saw a kind of white liquid inside.


Mu Tianyan glanced at her coldly, “If you don’t want to explode and die, drink it.”

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Hearing his words, Lu Zijia understood that the white liquid in the bottle was the solution to the drug inside her body.

Lu Zijia glanced about the room quickly and blinked.
Did someone get the antidote to him? Or had the man already prepared for this to happen?

Whatever the case was, she owed this man her life when he gave her the antidote.
He was, after all, saving her life.

But of course, it had to be a real antidote.


Lu Zijia opened the lid and secretly took a sniff of the thing.
Two seconds of sniffing, and she could tell that the white liquid did not contain poison.

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