Chapter 122: So Degenerate That Her Sugar Daddy Was a Little Boy?

Lu Zijia stood right there and smiled gently, then turned around and entered Gambling Stone Street.

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If she wasn’t confident, how could she possibly come to the stone gambling casino?

Gambling Stone Street was very busy.
Stores on both sides of the street had a lot of customers, and the entrances of the stores were flooded with people, who were shouting some words excitedly.

Apparently, someone was solving stones and people around were watching the fun.

Lu Zijia observed for a while and released her deity-sense, looking for the place where spiritual energy was the strongest quickly.

In just a moment, Lu Zijia found a target.

But then, a familiar, clear voice came behind her.

“Bad woman, why are you here?”

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Lu Zijia turned around and looked over.
She saw the little boy, Mu Ruishu, raising his little head gazing at her with a black school bag on his back.

There were even two tall bodyguards behind this little boy, making him look like he was a little boss.

Lu Zijia raised her eyebrows, “Shouldn’t I be asking you this? You should be having class at this time, right?”

Compared to an adult like her appearing in Gambling Stone Street, wasn’t it even weirder that a kid who hadn’t even grown hair showed up here?

Mu Ruishu seemed to think of something and his chubby little face looked a bit uncomfortable.

“It’s none of your business.
You still haven’t answered me.
What are you doing here?” Mu Ruishu bluffed like someone had stepped on his little tail.

Lu Zijia slapped this arrogant little boy without hesitation.

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Of course, she only hit him gently.

If she really exerted her force, she would probably knock this little boy a few blocks away.

“Then, why are you minding my business? Get back to school and take your classes obediently.
Why are you wandering here?”

Mu Ruishu was Mu Tianyan’s only nephew, so he could be said to have all the attention.
Countless people thought about him secretly.

If someone caught this little boy, he would be in trouble.

Mu Ruishu clutched his head hit by Lu Zijia as he stared at her furiously, “Bad woman, are you going stone gambling?”

Grandpa He said that this bad woman was kicked out of her family and she even asked Grandpa He for two hundred yuan yesterday.

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The bad woman must be trying to become rich with stone gambling here!

Thinking of this, Mu Ruishu frowned tight.
“How much do you want? Is 100,000 enough?”

Lu Zijia, who was about to leave, raised her eyebrows.
This little boy wanted to give her money?

Not getting Lu Zijia’s reply, Mu Ruishu frowned even more.

He immediately gritted his teeth, as if he had made up his mind, and he took out a card from his small school bag.

“There’s five million in this card.
I’ll give it all to you.
If it’s not enough, there’s one more in my room.
I can give all the money to you.

“But you can’t go stone gambling, not even in the future.”

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Grandpa He said gambling was one of the biggest taboo.
They couldn’t go gambling because they wouldn’t be able to go back once they started.

Even though he didn’t quite understand it, he knew that gambling money and stones was bad.

So, he didn’t want this bad woman to gamble.

Lu Zijia looked at the card that was put in her hand and blinked.
Did a little boy become her sugar daddy?

Thinking that she used to be a Golden Core Master before but was so degenerate that a little boy was her sugar daddy, her heart truly… ached!

“Thank you for your kindness, but this isn’t enough,” Lu Zijia smiled as she rubbed the little boy’s head and immediately gave him back the card, turning around, and going forward.

Jade stones were expensive, and the good ones even cost a sky-high price.
With the spiritual energy required for an Ancient Space, even buying billions of jade stones couldn’t help her reach a higher level.

So, she had an important task!

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