Chapter 108: The Culprit (2)

At this moment, Song Zixuan doubted.

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The three seniors of the Song family were all caught in the anger and resentment of being betrayed by their family members, so they didn’t notice something wrong with Song Zixuan.

However, Lu Zijia was very sensitive.
She noticed that there was something wrong with Song Zixuan.

Lu Zijia glanced at him and said inadvertently, “Why are you thinking so much? You’re the victim and your family is also the victim.
They’re even more in pain than you are because they thought that they were responsible for the unwarranted disasters you suffered.

“What you can’t deny is that they truly love you.
Even though they knew you were a forever loner, they didn’t give up on you and had always tried to look for a way to reunite the family.”

Lu Zijia didn’t want to be nosy at first, but the Song family’s affection for Song Zixuan made her a bit emotional.

No matter how unlucky Song Zixuan was, his family still loved and cared about him with their hearts.

As for herself, after her mother passed away in her previous life, she had been alone and had never known the feeling of family affection.

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Luckily, she got her hard-won maternal love after she was reborn, even though the love didn’t really belong to her.

Song Zixuan suddenly looked up at Lu Zijia as if he didn’t expect Lu Zijia to see through what he was thinking.

“Right, Master, how should we deal with the things we found just then?” Song Zhuohai asked Lu Zijia after making a phone call.

Those things were something that harmed people.
If they weren’t dealt with properly, they would hurt even more people.

The members of the Song family certainly wanted to destroy these harmful things completely.

“Just burn them,” Lu Zijia replied without hesitation, “But not with a normal fire.
Don’t worry.
I’ll deal with them for you before I leave.

As for the Yin Wood painting frame, you can send it to the Special Administration Office.
I believe they’ll welcome the Song family.”

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Yin Wood could be used to hurt people and also save people.
The difference was only how it was used.

Lu Zijia was a cultivator, not a Taoist Master in the true sense, so Yin Wood wasn’t attractive to her at all.

Hearing what Lu Zijia had said, the members of the Song family were also relieved.

Half an hour later.

Song Zhuolanwas truly caught here by two men in black.
Ye Nambo also followed behind.

“You fucking servants, let me go quickly.

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“How dare you be impolite to me? You even embarrassed me in front of my good friends.
I’ll make you bear the consequences!”

“Are you deaf? I said let me go!”

“Good, good, you guys are great! I’ll ask my good brother how he teaches you later!”

Before Song Zhuolan was taken into the villa, she had already started yelling outside with a harsh and mean tone.

The four members of the Song family immediately darkened a bit again.

Song, she’s here,” the leader of the men in black, who walked in the front, reported to Song Zhuohai respectfully.

Song Zhuohai nodded and signaled them to leave her here before going.

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“Brother, what’s wrong with you today? Your subordinates…”

“Slap! Slap!”

Song Zhuolan, who was taken inside by two men in black, immediately wanted to question Song Zhuohai as soon as she saw him.

However, before she finished talking, Fang Yueqiu had already rushed forward abruptly and slapped her twice fiercely.

Two palm marks immediately appeared on both sides of her face that she took care of meticulously, which showed how hard Fang Yueqiu slapped her.

Before Song Zhuolan collected herself, Fang Yueqiu pushed her again fiercely.

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