silently, but the members of the Song family had no idea at all.

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If she didn’t show up, the members of the Song family wouldn’t have known it existed even after the little mountain spirit disappeared completely.

Tut-tut, she didn’t know if the little mountain spirit was dumb or kind.

The members of the Song family didn’t believe it, but it spent almost all its attainments over the last few centuries for the lives of the members of the Song family.

“What? Master, are you… are you serious?” Old Master Song’s heart tightened abruptly as he quickly asked.

The other three members of the Song family also stared at Lu Zijia firmly.

Lu Zijia nodded, “Of course I’m serious.
I don’t get money when I lie to you, do I?”

“Master, don’t get me wrong.
We’re just… just too shocked.
I can’t believe it’s true…”

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Song Zhuohai was worried that Lu Zijia would misunderstand, so he quickly explained.

He gazed at the piece of dim Mountain God Rock with an extremely complicated look.

Lu Zijia waved her hand and showed that she understood, “I get it.
It’s not strange that you don’t believe it if you can’t see it.”

Many people in this world believed in science, and a lot of them resisted metaphysics.

Some even thought that those who studied metaphysics were liars.

Oh right, there was a more uniform name, swindlers!

Lu Zijia’s reply made the members of the Song family stunned in their minds and they still couldn’t calm down after a long time.

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At the same time, they were very guilty.

Especially Song Zhuohai and his wife, who stopped worshipping the Mountain God Rock ever since what happened to their son.

Suddenly, something seemed to come to Old Master Song’s mind as he asked Lu Zijia anxiously, “Master Lu, did you say that the Mountain God Rock is weak just then?

“Then, will it… will it…”

Would it disappear?

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