Lu Zijia couldn’t help thinking, “This unlucky man was so arrogant yesterday.
I can’t believe he’s a coward inside.”

If Song Zixuan knew how Lu Zijia defined him, he would probably be so aggrieved that he spurted out blood!

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He was just too terrified! Why did he become a coward in her eyes?

“There’s dark energy and also a fortune-changing spell inside this thing, which will transfer your Dad’s fortune to another person while your Dad’s luck becomes bad.

“He may even die under the influence of dark energy.”

Every word Lu Zijia said made the members of the Song family turn paler.

Old Master Song couldn’t bear it.
He clutched his chest with one hand and panted.

However, he showed no sign of passing out, maybe because of Lu Zijia’s weird treatment just then.

“But Mr.
Song, you’re quite lucky.
You shouldn’t have gotten this thing for long, right? Perhaps within two weeks.

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And yet, in just two weeks, your company has already encountered some problems.
Am I right?”

Lu Zijia crossed her arms in front of her chest and leaned against the desk behind her lazily as she spoke to Song Zhuohai.

Song Zhuohai thought carefully.
The problems of the Song Group indeed happened not long after this jade dragon appeared.

He had already made a deal with two partners before and they had reached the point where they were about to sign the contract, but they suddenly changed their minds.

Besides, one of them was even an old friend who had been working with him for a long time, which he really couldn’t understand.

After Lu Zijia’s explanation right now, the problems he couldn’t understand were apparently caused by this jade dragon.

“That’s right.
In the last two weeks, the Song Group had encountered many big and small problems.

“A more serious problem is that customers, who have already made a deal with us, suddenly changed their minds for some reason, which made the Song Group suffer huge losses.”

Song Zhuohai didn’t hide anything and told Lu Zijia everything honestly.
Besides, he also knew that he wouldn’t be able to lie in front of a master like Lu Zijia.

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